So I just came back from Court...

Discussion in 'General' started by SIR_JANE, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. 3 years probation 48 hours community service:mad:

  2. 12020 possesion of a dangerous weapon they wuss sum brassa knuckles...
  3. thats alot for some brass knuckles

  4. i know but its a felony homie plus I supposevly gave false information about me to the pig
  5. You must of had a bad past criminal record

  6. nope ive never been arrested EVER its my 1st offence i just dont understand...but on the bright side i requested an interview in the court ima fight this back because officer racist searched me illegaly for smoking a ciggaret an probly not only that i was validated as a ''gang member'' cuss i kick it with some guys from my old neighborhood its bullshit bro...
  7. how old are you?
  8. juss turned 18 on the 7th of sep

  9. yeah that's a bit obvious...:rolleyes:
  10. Watchu tryna say big dawg?
  11. u gonna get drug testred now thta suck balss.

  12. Both of you chill before that escalates.

    Started posted here a month too early huh... lucky we didnt catch ya :smoke:

    Anyways yea i dont know why you got that much probation time. I got sentenced for 8 Retail Frauds and Alcohol Related Offenses and Some Assaults all at once while in the county jail because i couldnt bail. And i only got 18 months probation and 50 hours community service..
  13. maybe you didnt lie enough to the judge.....
  14. the legal system is fucked up bro, im sorry to hear this shit. hopefully something can be done. unforutunantly normally its just the wealthy /white people that get off easy.
  15. thats not true

    just because you're white and have cash to throw around doesn't mean shit to a judge

    if anything being better off than the fucker judging you is a trigger for 'em

    then again being worse off and acting like a thug gets you the same which honestly isn't a problem for me

    if you're gonna be dumb enough to act like a retard in the court room expect the judge to slap your ass down be it at 18 or 80

    judges by their very nature are douchebags and as such you gotta kiss their ass respect the 'rules of the court' ect to get beyond being buttfucked by the system

    then again the OP was dumb enough to get caugh with a set of brassies and lie to a cop unconvincingly lol so I doubt he acted proper in a court of law

    personally my only advice is LEARN TO AVOID GETTING CAUGHT! if that ain't happening weigh your chances of outrunning the mother fuckers by their overall health 'n weight
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  16. getting a very good lawyer definantly helps out. usually the wealthy are able to fight charges better because they can afford the multi thousand dollar lawyer as opposed to court appointed.. its true. maybe my statement had a racist tone to it mah bad.
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  17. ^ the rich didn't get rich throwing tons of cash at piss ant charges

    no one short of a trump type asshole would have the cash to toss 5-15k at a douchebag lawyer in bed with the system for a simple charge lol

    I get where you're coming from and I love the mario sig but it all comes down to the charged having enough sense to either avoid getting a charge or kissing ass properly when they do get charged

  18. Well I am sure that you could have requested to do jail time in lieu of the community service. But then again who wants to go to jail? Be happy that you didn't get any more than that. Remember it could be worse:D
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  19. Thats what im talking about

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