So I just bought a goat

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  1. My girlfriend's dad just died and he had a farm and basically the lady whos in charge of selling everything or whatever asked me if i wanted a goat. She said she would sell it to me for $40 so I figured why the hell not and I bought him. He's just a baby and my girlfriend's dad named him Bryson
    I don't really have a backyard for the guy though so I'm kind of in a bind about where I could put him lol

  2. Damn man, why would you buy a goat without land? Do you have any idea how fucking much they stink? Especially when males spray... holy hell.
  3. You're going to need some goat diaphers, real soon.
  4. hahahahahahahha..... dude that's crazy.. you need to find a farm that will take him in. that's not cool to raise him in a small space..
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    Goats need to be outside man its no good to trap him inside his whole life.Plus that mofos gonna be STANKYSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. I just thought it would be badass to have a goat as a smoke buddy. But he's kind of an asshole.. I bought him a toy and he doesn't even play with it he just grunts and gets mad when I try to get him to play with it
    I live kind of in an apartment and I had an extra room so I just figured that'd be good. He's just a baby too so he's not as big as normal goats
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    Fucking goats are escape artist when fenced but you have that solved. LOL
    A fucking goat?  LOL Im not one to talk, 6 dogs,8 cats,16 chickens,5 ducks and 3 turkeys here.
    And no I dont want to buy a fucking goat,,, LOL LOL LOL
  8. You need land for a goat, they need to graze and get exercise so they don't become obese and as others have said in a couple weeks he is gonna smell horrible and that barnyard stank don't come out easy
  9. best. thread title. ever
  10. congrats you dont have any room for him
  11. Fuck Yeah.
  12. Man URL has gone downhill.

    But really what's the story behind that?
  13. Lol i dont think goats and aparments go good together. Its gonna be pooping and peeing everywhere!
  14. nothing makes you more metal than owning a goat. i hope you take it for walks.
  15. I was driving down the street the other day and a goat came up to my car. My friend opened the door and was like, let him in and take him home.

    Two things: goats have gps where i live, so stupid idea. And also, i just imagined the goat shitting in my backseat and chewing my hair off and then the baaaaah all the way home.

    Then i remember i didnt steal and i kept on driving. But that toad guy is right, that goat is a farm animal, not for indoors bro. Youll see.

    I kept some chickens in my house but when they got about 10 inches tall the stench was so bad i built a freakin 3 story chicken pen for them, outside
  16. You should probably find someone with enough room who's willing to take him in.
  17. They're probably satanists lol.

    That's awesome though! Try it out and see how it goes ,right?
  18. OP what state are you in? Ill give you 50 bucks for him.
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    haha that's awesome I know a kid who ordered a live chicken online idk what he did with it 
  20. You know, goat makes good tacos, some onion and cilantro. MMMmmmm..

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