So I just bought a 10lb bag of hydroton pebbles

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bassknocker23, May 15, 2009.

  1. And then I decided to go with soil since I am short on room,

    if you have paypal and want these PM ME!

    Also will do a money order if you dont have PP

  2. just use them in the bottom of the soil containers , like an inch or so a pot at the bottom instead of rocks, :p

  3. What do you mean? why would I even put rocks in there?
  4. healthy drainage, iirc. bonsai growers use it to keep the plant in constant stress.
  5. yup! :hello:
  6. This is an interesting concept. Is there a post I can look at that elaborates on this idea?

    My first grow is going to be dwarf plants, but eventually I'll use a "regular" size strain, and will want to keep a mother for clones. Why is stressing the plant important, and why do the rocks in the bottom have anything to do with that? Thanks.

  7. is he talking about regular old pebles you can just find outdoors,becuase i put sum pebbles (not pertile) at the bottom of my new pot im gunna tranfer into and my friend was confused by this consept and said i shouldnt do it... this is alrite to do rite? just regular little rocks and pebbles at the bottom of your pot like an inch or so up...?
  8. It's a good thing for drainage but if you're grabbing rocks out of the dirt in the yard I'd wash them first so you dont transfer any mold spores or anything to your grow room.
  9. I use about 2inches of hydroton on the bottom of my 5gal buckets, then fill the rest with the soil... works great

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