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so i just ate 2 nutella Fire Crackers

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Chapin0723, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. that have been sitting in my air tight Container for 4 days. about .5 on each on
    i have 3 should i eat the 3rd one or wait. i ate them both at 3 so ill let you guys know how im feeling :wave:
  2. Hmm.. Nutella is tha chclate spread or suntin like tht riight?
  3. So you tried the method of letting them sit out without being heated? Definitely want to hear the outcome of this, as I've been wanting to try firecrackers but do not feel like wasting my green. Also, what kind of bud did you use for them?
  4. Yeah ive let them sit out for about 3 or 4 days and i used .5 of some mids. they say that mids and shwag is Great for Baking and or makin food with lol im hopin it works.
    i let my friend eat one after the second day and he compared it to a joint thats why i let it sit out for 2 more days lol
  5. so i ate the 3rd one and im now starting to feel something. its been 44 minutes from the first cookie. ive only smoked earlier around 1 or 2 ish. so its not that. ill type more once it really kicks in :D
  6. It's not that they're more potent in any way when cooked, it's just that it is a good alternative to smoking it because of how harsh it is.
  7. ok so its 6:42 and already been more than an hour and a half. i can say im stoned but im not Baked or anything per say. but it is more of a body high. i ate roughly about a gram and a half so it really wasnt much. i guess if i ate more with more bud it would have more of an impact.
  8. Well i believe it reached its peak around 8:30 i was pretty good not Blazed but feelin really good. my eyes felt all heavy and shit and i was pretty much lethargic. i can still kinda feel it now but its just a tad overall it wasnt a Complete waste of my weed. lol i was high for quite a bit and i only smoked 1 bowl Today :D
    Experiment = Success:yay:
  9. Use peanut butter next time and heat them up (350 degrees,20 minutes) that WILL get you fucked up,trust me.
  10. i cant man im allergic to Peanut Butter:(
  11. next time bake them at 350 for 10-15min... it should really be heated
  12. So are you saying that Heating it up will work better?
  13. yeah, you could probably search this on the forums but the best way to "activate" the THC is to heat it up, and it must be used with a high fat content food or oil, because the THC absorbs better into it.

    Next time just bake it, believe me, u should get hella stoned, i did and i used roughly half a gram per cracker and i only ate two
  14. ill try it lol i was under the impression that if you let it sit for 4 days it would work better

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