so I JUST about got caught

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  1. So I was smoking pot out my window. I finish up, blitzed as hell. I hear my dad out back of the house walking on gravel (back yard is gravel, my room points out back) I quickly get back in my room and put my shit away, spray off and shit. Then my sister bursts in "DO YOU SMELL POT?" :eek:I'm sitting at my computer. I respond wiht *sniff, sniff, sniff* "N-n-noo.....Wait! *snif Snif* I do. YUK, some fuckers are smoking pot. It must be rolling through our windows." so I close my window, and turn on my fan and run downstairs "Mom, my room smells like pot."
    Sister:" MINE TOO!"
    Me:"ya it's fuckin gross."
    Mom: "well hold on hold on. are you sure it's pot?"
    Me:"yah come smell!"
    Dad:" thats funny because I thought I just smelled pot."

    I convince mom and dad that the people above us must have been smoking pot.(They live on the top of a rock that is behind my house.) My dad and mom go outside and look, and just my luck, there where people on the deck and they where smoking (Cigs. I could smell them.) They walk in and are like, "yep definately those people, Your room doesn't smell anymore."

  2. Wait what... you have a group of people living above you on top of a rock? :eek:

  3. Lolollolol, their house is built on stilts on a rock. And then theres a cliff and my house is built at the bottom of the cliff, about 30 feet from their house.
  4. Well done broooo!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. haha im smoking a bowl in my room too and i can here my dad sleeping tho :smoking::smoking: now i gotta sneak my way to get foodz:hide:
  7. well played, guy.
  8. I think I played it off pretty well....
  9. Pics or it didnt happen. but still, cool story bro.
  10. [​IMG]

    I have no idea how to edit the size of photos on this site. But theres the Stilt house.
  11. I bet you could make a pretty chill kick-it-spot under that house :smoke:
  12. Hahahah but doesnt smoke rise?
    Silly parents don't know shit about physics. -_-


  13. Haha no kidding, it'd be so tight. I just smoke outside on a woodshed my dad made at the back of the house. right outside my window, fuck yes. Just step out my window onto the woodshed and sit ontop of the woodshed and smokkkke. But this time I was smoking in my room :smoking:
  14. Holy fuck that's awesome, where do you live? Australia :eek:
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  16. yea, bet you feel like a real faggot bitch right now...
  17. :eek:
  18. That's pretty slick I guess...

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