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so i haven't eaten in like 2 days now.

Discussion in 'General' started by bon idee, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. because i've been high for about 3 days.
    I was just wondering? Am I the only one who doesn't eat, realizes how fucking hungry they are, realizes how BAD it is that they're not eating, and choose not to eat anyway.

    Thursday- Xanax white bar no food.
    Friday- 3 Oxycodone 30's, no food.
    Saturday-Blotter of Acid (first time taking it) No food.

    And it's like, I'm hiigh, and I realize how hungry I am, but I just don't want to eat. I hope it goes away. I just don't want to be the only one.
  2. Well... back when I did a lot of coke I didn't eat a whole lot...

    But I eat a shit ton on xanax.. I usually wait until I feel it starting to wear off, otherwise it makes my high fade, but man... I love food on xannies. :smoke:
  3. yea if i don't have weed i don't eat for a few days.
  4. it goes away.... IF YOU EAT ... lol i dont ever have this problem as soon as i wake up high or not i need my breakfast and i for sure need my dinner. eat something girl! as long as you are drinking water you can live without food for a long time, without drinking stuff its horrible for your health after a few days. So all in all, pretty please eat something i dont even know you and im concerned here.:eek:
  5. When I smoke.

    Don't even get me started when I smoke. You can ask my boyfriend, I'm a MACHINE. I love food when I smoke more than like... anything. And I do think I ate some Taco bell on the Xannies but not much.

    It's like I'm so used to not having an appetite from the drugs, I don't even have an appetite at all. Even when I'm not high. I don't even know. It's like I NEED to smoke to eat. I'm scaring myself lol.
  6. yea i never really worried about it. but now your making me think.

    if i wake up and try to eat without smoking it just doesn't taste good, its just blah.

    well atleast ya know your not the only one
  7. My stomach is so fucked up it pretty much only allows me to eat when I'm high.

    I have been in Colorado for four days and I have been choking down food. Either way my stomach hurts so it doesn't really matter. It doesn't appeal to me at all when I am sober.
  8. Shiet i eat, Period.
  9. sometimes. usually i'll just forget about eating because i'm too busy smoking, or i just won't feel like finding/making food.

    but now... well, pretty much what CuT iT OuT said. minus the colorado part.
    and well, i wouldn't really describe it as 'hurting.' it just feels... weird. haha.
  10. Well shit go treat yourself and get some wings and a heinekn at the local bar or some shit,.
  11. ....go eat something. *facepalm*

  12. *words of wisdom by KSR.
  13. I haven't actually consumed a full meal since christmas dinner with my family. Recently, I'll start eating something and get bored after a bite or two and move on to doing something else.

  14. Its not absoutely horrible to do this, aslong as you dont binge eat everything in sight once you start eating again.
  15. Rule of 3's

    3 weeks without food
    3 days without water
    3 minutes without air

    i cosign to eating...it's the best way to solve hunger...;)
  16. maybe get some help?
  17. haha i thought you meant high on weed. i was like wtf high for 3 days and not hungry????

    it's the acid and xanax and such that's killing the appetite.
  18. You should probably eat and take advantage of something some in this world cant even do. Oh and smoke moar.
  19. I almost never eat breakfast, I just can't wake up and eat somethig, my stomach isn't ready. It will feel like I'm forcing food down. lunch and dinner are only what I eat, but at college the food sucks so lunch and dinner are only half meals really. Also when I take adderall for the days when I have my important classes or just alot to do that day then eating almost never comes to thought. I thought I had a small eating issue. I guess its just different strokes for different folks.

    but seriously when you eat that little it is REAL important what you eat when you do. With such a low calorie intake per day you have to choose your calories wisely. I found that when doing this the better, healthier foods actually filled me up off less and made me feel a ton better, more energy, happy, etc.
  20. Stop doing chemicals then.
    They will completely fuck up your body's eating habits and make you unhealthily skinny,

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