So i have to wonder

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  1. how many guys have a hard time finding a good chick who's a stoner?
  2. all the stoner girls that i usally see are stupid as fuck
  3. I do. They are far and few my friend.
  4. that's what i'm saying... i mean... that'd be ok for marriage.. as long as she listened. and no, I'm not sexist
  5. I'm having a hard time finding a good chick at all let alone one that smokes. And if I did find one, with my luck the world would end, or she would burst into flame lighting a bowl.
  6. i know the feeling. I'm moving just to try and put myself into a different social class so maybe i'll find something with potential... women are like clay... sometimes you just gotta take what you can find and mold it how you want it. too bad we're not all artists or we'd have perfect women
  7. i tried weed with my gf, it was the first time either of us had. although i don't think she enjoys it as much.
  8. i'm startin to think that weed really isn't for the female persuasion...
  9. all the best chicks come THC-Ready
  10. just move to cali =P
  11. I go to community college and there are tons of stoner chicks, a lot of them are articulate, funny, etc. Just gotta know where to look guys.
  12. i think it may be because they fear we will love weed more than them. haha my gf say stupid shit like, "you're too into the scene" i ask her to elaborate, she replies "cause you like led zeppelin so much. lol
  13. This..
  14. I met my girlfriend on here.

    She isn't much of a toker anymore, but she is the fucking best in every regard so it matters little to me if she smokes or not. Hell, I barely do anymore.
  15. that's something I was hoping to hear. thank you. you rock, man. there is hope
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    There's always hope! Hopefully as mj becomes more mainstream there will be more stoner girls.
  17. i certainly fuckin hope so. it needs to take tobacco's place. i'm tired of all the cigarettes, let's all smoke joints and blunts
  18. Maybe don't set your criteria in a partner as being focused on if she tokes or not.

    Sometimes this stuff happens when you least expect it. Call me crazy, but I feel as if our connection was fated. It's a long story that I don't wish to reiterate on these boards, but damn...
  19. You just found one, TA DA!
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