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  1. I was browsing through pictures on the lap top me and my girlfriend share. We actually just got engaged last week and have been.together for over two years. We just moved from South Carolina to New York together like two days ago. I have no job yet and left my car to my sister seeing that living in Chelsea I dont need one. We moved because she has a job thats paying her pretty well. I dont have job yet since we havent been here long and i dont have friends yet. I have nowhere to go but can i pretend i didnt see this? It seems way to impossible to even be around her right now.

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  2. If it was me, she would've come home to the house burned to the ground.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with this shit when you're not in a good position to leave and get back on your feet.

    I wish you much luck in figuring out the right step
  3. If it didnt mean burning down the entire conplex she wouldve come home to that soon. We literally just got out here and now i dont know what im gonna do. While she was in college i paid for everything. Then i let her care for the money and now im stuck
  4. So is your gf Chandler and her texts blue
  5. Gotta confront her. Sorry you have to deal with this :(
  6. Chandler is the guy she's talking to, I think.
    Sucks to hear about this man, it really does.
  7. confront her 
    its the only way. she used you
  8. Tell Monica
  9. Chandler is the girl my girlfriend was texting. I am so scared to confront her because shes done wrong clearly. So thats the bottom line. I have no means of living now and i refuse to be a homeless new yorker after beeong here for two days.
  10. What's BS is how she's bitching to another guy that he might have a bc but she's engaged to you? Are you going to confront her and try and work it out? Or play your cards right until you can confront her?

  11. Confront her but plan on getting yourself stable so you can bail out safely.
    Iv been with cybersluts so I do know how it goes. :(
  12. Milk mama for all she's worth.
  13. Why is she dissapointed that he has a gf? Hmm..... suspicious.
    Yes , have her buy a mobile home RV so you can bail out. LOL
    My ex put her shit in the motor-home I bought, stared it up and drove out of my life 2 and a half years ago. We were together 11 years.
    Ahhh FREEDOM!  :D
  15. I think im gonna have to act like i dont know for a few months until i can get a job and save up enough to go back to south carolina and stay with some friends. Shes telling another girl shes single and just talks to me on and off. Like were fucking engaged. She knows somethings wrong and we had a fight because i wouldnt tell her what it is. But i know after i hear her say it i wont be able to look at her. I hardly can now.
  16. Okay. To set the record straight everyone in this situation is a girl. We are lesbians. Haha. My soon to be ex is the grey. Chandler is her "friend" that is also a girl
    It hurts like any other love.... :(
    She lost your trust, its real hard to earn that back so you watch out for yourself, you are #1 and thats the way it should be.
  18. She made me feel like im no longer #1. She looked me in the eyes and said she loved me tonight. I was disgusted. She never made me feel disgusted before. She made me feel ugly and gross and used and tonight I'll still lay in that same ned because i let her trap me. I hate myself for being so stupid and blind.
  19. I'm pretty sure if that's your girlfriends phone her texts are in the blue and the person she is texting should be the gray
  20. Fuck. I dont have an iphone. But damn. So my girl was telling another girl she was upset that she has a girl friend?

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