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  1. I've been using acrylic bongs since I began smoking, but recently I decided to spend out on a lovely large glass bong. I love it to bits, but I find my weed getting sucked through the downstem and either getting stuck or ending up in the bong water.

    Lol I was pretty stoned one night so I thought of rolling a little ball of juicy jay paper to clog the whole instead of a nug, in case a whole nug got fucked in the water. it only sometimes works but bits of weed still fall in.

    Then I took a wire gauge from an acrylic bong and placed it at the bottom of the bowl. It made the hole a bit smaller, but the actual gauge has a small whole and the gauge moves by the slightest movement.

    I was just wondering what you guys do to stop shit falling down? (I know this is a silly question lol) :smoke:
  2. XD a screen?
  3. LOL yeah the fuck did I get wire gauge from, yeah I've been trying to use one from another bong but theres a small hole in the screen in the middle. I'll have to look out for another one that fits perfect :smoke:
  4. you can buy screens from headshops or on the GC store. you just need to use scissors to cut the right shape and size.

    You could probably even find a little sheet of wire mesh like that at like home depot or lowes.
  5. Haha, I thought that's what you meant dude. If you don't feel like buying one you could always check you faucets! XD
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    They sell glass ones too, easy to lose but they last waaaay longer. Go to a smokeshop and they should carry em, or order off the internet, ur choice

    I just put layers in my bowls, bottom is clay hash, then wtv dro i have at the time, then kief on top. By the time it reaches the hash nothin falls thru. And i have a screen lol
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    I would not recommend taking the faucet screen because your parents will notice that the water runs like it's on meth.
  8. I've used a small pebble before.
  9. Buy a pack of 10 glass screens on EDIT for like $6 or $7. They work great, and if you lose one, its've got 9 more.
  10. Haha, I wasn't taking into account the parent factor. :p I mean, I do it sometimes if I don't have a screen on hand and don't feel like running to a headshop.
  11. um... you can get a pack of 5 metal creens for 50 cents... call me crazy:confused_2:
  12. id hate to say this buuuut, you dont need screens of any kind to keep weed from falling out of the bowl. you just need to get better at packing bowls.

  13. This is very true.

    its inevitable that your going to get bud/ash go through eventually.

    If you can't stop sucking ash through, invest in some pipe screens.

    They are 25 for a dollar at my local head shop. Lasts me like a month.
  14. i hate metal screens bc you basically end up smoking them overtime and their just flimsy and fucky. Glass screens are cool but cost a coupla bucks and can be hard to keep up with.

    I always jus use little pebbles i find out side after i give em a quick rinse bc their plentiful and FREE! doesn't matter if you lose em and they perform wonderfully!
  15. If you want a full time fix, and love its functionality also, pick up a Ben Wilson Disc diffused slide, haven't found a better functioning bowl yet. And literally nothing will be lost, you wont see flecks of green floating in your water.

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