So I have these websites...

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  1. ...That i can sell shit off of. The only problem is i cant find a product/supplier that is moderately interesting, and people would purchase off the internet. I have two of these websites so i was thinking on website 1 i could have small things (i was thinking care packages for things like camping, moving, stoners, superbowl ect. that include non perishables and supplies) Then on website two i could have big ticket items, something I would only have to sell one or two a month to make it worth my time.

    Any suggestions on products, or where to find a supplier are more than welcome. Also, im trying to keep it not weed related just to make it simple.
  2. omg i have the perfect item weed :D

    grow it and sell it :smoke:

    but for real idk... sorry :eek:
  3. Or just grow it and dont sell it. Then i dont need stupid websites for ganja money :D

    If these websites can turn me like an extra 50 bucks a week that would cover my smoke, and my cigarettes. I just need shit to sell haha.
  4. What about shirts? You could easily profit by selling shirts.
  5. Word, I dont know why i didnt even think of clothing. :confused:

    Now to see if i can find a decent dropshipper that ships to Canada and US.
  6. sell natural stuff you only get from specific markets...stuff like real black soap...and real shea butter...unique spices and herbs...amazing smelling candles...types of burning oils...sites like that are always nice
  7. Hi, we (Vansterdam Clothing) ship worldwide...we have very good wholesale rates as well! Check us out: link's in my signature
  8. First, dont sell what you like or what you would buy. Research trends and see what people are buying now.

    Finding a wholesale supplier is kinda easy. You can find many that sell bulk but still not total wholesale. You can still make a profit though. Real wholesale probably sell by the truckload

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