So I have some liquid Prometh/Codeine... but it's expired.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by LiquidTension, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. This stuff was given to me yesterday by a guy who knows I do drugs and I guess had me in mind while he was clearing out some old medicine. I would estimate that I have about 62mL in this bottle. The prescription was filled in May 2007 and the "discard after" date is May 2008. From what I hear, this is the stuff used to make syrup or "sizz-urp".

    What are your opinions GC? Can this stuff actually go bad and fuck you up or is the discard date just a pharmaceutical precaution?
  2. idk i just dont think it would work. ive seen some1 drink like half a bottle of the expired shit and didnt get fucked up at all..soo prolly nott...i mean the last time i took it, the shit was just bout to be past the expired limit and it didnt fuck me up as much as it usually did either soo take thaat for what its worth lol
  3. it will work fine. search man.
  4. there aren't many drugs that really expire, sometimes the binders will deteriorate. Things like suppositories usually go rancid but some syrup should be fine
  5. yea syrup should be fine,

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