so i have some great hash, but no way to smoke it tonight!

Discussion in 'General' started by coldcheese, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. i know i might be able to look something up in the history, but i'm on a phone and i need to know fast! i'd prefer not using aluminum foil, or a soda can, but if it really comes down to it and i have no other way i guess i will.. but does anyone have any other suggestions?
    i have no pipe, bong, bubbler, or any bowl..
    what do i do!!
  2. yeah hot knife it..
  3. thumb tack a glass a straw and of course a lighter
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    Take a thumbtack, put it so the pointy part is sticking up. place a piece of hash on the end of pointy part, light on fire breifly, blow it out, and quickly cover it with a glass. it will smoulder, and fill the glass with smoke.

    Or, drop a little chunk on the end of a ciggarette and inhale the resulting smoke.

    EDIT looks like i got beat to the punch. two things though, that chunk of hash is overkill, and it seems lik ehe lit it for waayyyyyyy too long.
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    hot knife! its the consensus.

    whoa thats pretty cool with the tac thing.
  6. makeshift gravity bong?
  7. well i need a way to do it and stay unnoticed because my parents are home, but i'm pretty sure they're going to sleep, i just gotta do it out my window or something.
  8. that's crazy i've never seen that before, i think i might try it.
  9. do not fear -- i am here to smoke it for you!

  10. to be honest if i were in ontario canada i'd let you smoke it with me, i've got a good 2.5 grams of this shit i got from humboldt county.
  11. Apple for sure. unless you wanna make a gb or a waterfall.
  12. I used the cup-straw method when I was in Amsterdam with a few buddies. The only difference is we didn't use a thumbtack, so we just put the hash on top of a glass plate that we found in the hotel room. It worked really well, but it took us some time to get it down so that the hash lit right.
  13. yeah dude.

    i would get a needle and embed it in something (cork, or omething sturdy/stable) put a piece of hash on it, get a jar, light it, and catch all the smoke in the jar.

    you can get a straw and put it inside the jar, and just suck all the air.

    i think i've resolved my problem, i'm going to use the cup+straw method.

    and the day is saved thanks to GC! :)
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    Reps man yep this is dee way !


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    If the hash is pliable the stick-a-needle-in-a-card method of glassing the hash is much better.

    Get a piece of card thats slightly bigger than the mouth of the glass, push a needle, pin, or thumbtack through it. Make a snake out of hash and put it on the needle so that most of the hash snake is dangling off the needle and the tip of the snake is stuck to the needle.

    Light the hash, and put the card over the glass. Slide the card to the side a little to make an opening when the glass has filled with smoke, and "drink" the smoke.

    Hotknifing is great as well, more hash efficient, and you will get a different high.

    Enjoy the hash, I love hash far more than weed.
  17. Took me a couple minutes to process and visualize that, but that sounds awesome. I don't think I've ever smoked hash thats soft enough to do that though.
  18. Yes this is easier and better .


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  19. dude, yeah i agree with you guys when you say hash is better than weed.
    i love it so, so much more.
    it's just so much better! easy to carry, it's so little..
    get's you so ripped..
    shit man hash is the new weed.

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