so i have schizophrenia

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  1. yea i pretty much have schizophrenia, not the coolest. lol i used to think when i was younger i was just experiencing paranormal activity. but now that im older ive realized that its schizophrenia. ever since i was younger i used to think i saw a woman standing in my moms room and that it was a ghost. growing up id always hear noises like "children laughing, and small voices, and hearing music when not there" at night i would hear people run around and thought they were just ghosts. ive had visual hallucinations such as big balls of light. it pretty much sucks but i guess it runs in my family, i havent broughten this up with any of my family members yet but my brother is a diagnosed schizophrenic, and i dont know if my grandma was but im pretty sure she commited suicide. smoking has pretty much made me realize that i have it, and probably wasnt the best idea, but i guess it would have come into my life more intense eventually as i got older.
  2. damn man thats not good, but u kno weed prolly just let u kno that u have it earlier. maybe u can take therapy or something. good luck
  3. You should stop smoking and speak with a doctor.
  4. I would definatly recomend getting help, I've been experiencing some scyzophrenic symptoms lately and talked to a few people on here yesterday about it. Defenitaly quit weed right away it only makes the symptoms stronger. And good luck to you man.
  5. Well, self diagnosing yourself with schizophrenia isn't enough to really say you have it, but considering that you say your brother was diagnosed with it, there are good chances. I'd definitely looks into talking with a psychologist sometime in the future; and definitely slow down on the pot, if not quit altogether.

    Schizophrenia usually develops in your late teens or twenties, with no signs prior to this, but you said you've been seeing hallucinations and such your whole life. Maybe it is something else? Maybe something as simple as your mind playing tricks on you. I see plenty of visual distortions and hear audio hallucinations all the time, especially when high, and I could associate this to paranormal activity if I didn't know any better. Or I could associate it with schizophrenia, you know what I'm saying?

    If you do have it, I know it would suck, but realize there are a lot of people diagnosed with schizophrenia that live normal and productive lives.
  6. I just opened up one of my old assignments to try to find family incidence rates of schizophrenia. Lots of good information I wrote down, in case you're interested

    Family, twin, and adoption studies carried out in the 1960s established that the vulnerability to develop schizophrenia is largely genetic. What is inherited, rather than a gene for schizophrenia, is an increase in becoming schizophrenic. About half of monozygotic (MZ) twins are concordant for schizophrenia compared to less that 20% of dizygotic (DZ) twins, when psychosis is used as the phenotype. This high rate of discordance between MZ twins indicates that what is inherited is a predisposition but not a certainty of developing schizophrenia. In first-degree relatives, percent lifetime expectancy of developing schizophrenia is about 10% if one parent or one sibling has schizophrenia, and 45 to 50% for offspring of 2 schizophrenic parents. In second-degree and third-degree relatives, the expectancy drops to 3.3% and 2.4%, respectively. Adoption studies show a lifetime prevalence of 9.4% in the adopted-away offspring of schizophrenic parents and a lifetime prevalence of 1.2% in control adoptees. Research into brain structure and the etiology of schizophrenia consistently shows an enlargement in the cerebral ventricles, as shown by CT and MRI scans which indicate lateral and third ventricular enlargement and widening of cortical fissures and sulci. These abnormalities are present at the onset of the illness, and progress very slowly, if at all, indicating that they have no correlation to duration of the illness. The basal ganglia, limbic regions, hippocampus, and cortex are also found to be significantly smaller in a schizophrenic’s brain, tending to the belief that schizophrenia may be rooted in a brain development problem. These structural abnormalities are often accompanied by biochemical difficulties, the most common of which being an excess of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Low level of glutamate, found in the CSF which fills the enlarged ventricles in a schizophrenic’s brain, have also been found in sufferers of the disease. Serotonin may also play a role.
  7. Like I read somewhere earlier, weed isn't a stimulant nor depressant, it's an amplifier. It just amplifiers underlying issues that were already there.

    I say quit for AWAHILE and when/if you do start back up, just take single hits off a bong or pipe.............TRUST ME.

  8. Yes, and it has been conclusively shown that weed exacerbates psychosis symptoms.

    If you truly do have schizophrenia (you need to go see a psychiatrist and stop trying to self-diagnose) then you'll need to quit using weed if you want to get better.
  9. please tell us you told a professional this before you went posting on the internet about it.
  10. Go see a doctor, im schizo and getting on proper mmedication can change your life.
  11. All of those "hallucinations" seem paranormal to me...

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