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so i have my BOWL

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sk804, May 27, 2009.

  1. and its black as shit inside. can i do anything with it and be able to smoke it? thanks and please help quick!
  2. Its full of resin and ash, clean that bitch!
  3. [ame=]YouTube - how to clean a glass pipe[/ame]
  4. Is it a metal bowl? Submerge it in Isopropyl Alcohol and use something like a que-tip to scrub it out. Works well for me.
  5. You can still smoke using the bowl, as long as the resin isn't physically blocking the hole leading into the chamber, the carb, or the mouth piece. Resin, however, will definitely affect taste to the experienced toker. The video posted above gives good information on how to clean a bowl.
  6. like can i do anything when i clean it? like with the mixture can i let the alcohol evaporate and use the THC in the resin for like cannabis oil?
  7. this topic is relevant to my interests

    bump for great justice!:cool:
  8. i that stuff is resin and lasts a while,tastes bad but id smoke it but not after that alcohol cleaning, seems like a bad idea to me, id just throw it out if i used iso, if i wanted the resin id use a pipe cleaner and scrape all of it out
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    its just resin... just scrape out as much as you can using a sturdy paper clip. You can smoke that and get nice and high, but its also harsh, foul tasting, and unhealthy.

    After you smoke your res, give your bowl a nice clean. drop it in a cup or a bag with some iso alcohol and some salt. Let it sit overnight, the next day rinse it well and ALL of the resin will be gone.

    good as new.
  10. no lol and if you could it would discusting
  11. well, theoretically you could use the resin to make some qwiso, but i dont see how this would get you anywhere. You would just use a lot of time and effort to end up with some shitty black hash that tastes like resin still.
  12. well i want to make like some resin or some cannabis oil out of it? can somebody help me pls
  13. You can't make resin, that shitty black stuff, thats resin
    qwiso is cannbis oil.
  14. you cant really make anythign out of it and trust me if you could you really wouldnt want to cus it would be so gross... just clean it and throw the bag away

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