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So I have a Dro seed.....

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by LS1KILR, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. I found 1 seed in my latest pickup. The weed is dro and its awesome. Should I try to grow a plant? I dont have anything to grow it with right now. I want to grow it but I dont have much money to spend on a bunch of stuff. Im just wanting to grow like this one plant. Also I dont want it to drain alot of electricity because the bill is already high....what should I do?
  2. first, just because it was "dro" is meaningless. that just means it was grown on a hydro system.

    if you have nothing to grow it with there is no reason to start. you need to supplys first. try reading the guides to using CFL lighting, that'll help you alot.
  3. read as many how to grow books before even attempting to try growing. it can be very simple but at the same time difficult. if you got a yard thats unseen by passerbys and neighbors you could try an outdoor to save on electricity. if not read up on cfl cabinet grow boxes and try those.

    good luck
  4. hahahaha i like that the power bill comes in to play...straight ghetto style

    if you dont want to spend any money on it plant it outside and see what the fuck happens, but dont be mad if nothing does

  5. yea I was planning on some type of ghetto grow box or something. Im in college so theres not too much money. I tried growing a whole garden of plants last year outside in the woods but nothing happened. I dont know why they didnt grow because I had planted like 15 seeds and it was a clear spot in the woods where there was good sun....
  6. they have a bunch of micro grow setups around the web so grwing in a dorm shouldnt be to hard. if you can find a good size server tower you can use that to grow with a 65w+ cfl, dumpster dive for anything you can use. im sure around campus they have a few good things lying around. a pc grow would be your stealthiest choice but can some change to get started if you dont have anything to start with.
  7. well i have my own apartment. I wouldt try growing anything on campus anywyas you can get kicked out of school. noone comes in my apartment though. I could probably be running a huge grow operation and noone would know....
  8. So what is it you have that kills ls1s?
  9. 03 mustang gt ,rebuilt .020 forged bottom end, vortech s-trim, paxton intercooler, 8-rib kit, vortech mini-race bypass valve, nx plate kit, trick flow intake, shorty headers, o/r x-pipe with catback. its getting vt stage 2 heads and stage 2 blower cams in january....thats whats done to it engine wise it has alot more mods....
  10. if you are into car modding, how do you have any time or money to consider weed growing?

    ps, i fuckin hate when people say Dro. it sounds so STUPID. Dro Brooooo yeahhh droooo, good dro dude, sweet DROOOOO
  11. Hey bro, I've noticed a couple of threads you reply to and I dont know if you now it but your a dick. Every response I see you have your always bashing on someone. Maybe you should keep all of your dickhead comments to yourself or go smoke some weed, maybe some DROOOOOOOOOOOO. Just because he didnt know that you cant get hydro seeds from a hydro plant doesnt mean you should be an ass about it. You should calm down and smoke some of the shit you grow(if you do grow) and chill. The last time I checked this was a forum. Remember we cant all be as smart as you.:smoke:
  12. well said. btw LS1 killer, I have a 66 mustang 289 bored .30 over, edelbrock performer rpm aluminum heads 10.5 to 1 compression, t-5 manual, 3.80 gears and posi...ect. ect. not as fast as yours but runs 13.2 on street tires :) good to see you on the thread and happy smokin

  13. call down boy, i didnt say anything about him being dumb or stupid. cars are expensive and time consuming and i pointed that out. growing is time consuming, and in some cases expensive. he asked questions that 4 minutes of reading could have handled.

    then i felt it necessary to express my opinion about a word and its uses.

    unwad those panties.
  14. There actually is a strain named dro bro
  15. There is no such strain as DRO...where u from???ny???cuz im from ny and everyone calls beasters dro...meanwhile the only way is called dro because it was grown hydro..
  16. FACT: no such strain as dro, it is actually referring to the growing technique, which is hydroponically.

    FACTl: New York pot smokers CONSTANTLY call all moderately good weed dro, and many people get confused.

    so don't bash him for a common misconception, nicely point it out.
  17. for the record i hate the word and didnt bash (if you were referring to me)

  18. drobro sounds like a robot...way to set the record straight
  19. i dont know cupchak or who he is or does , but he is right about the DRO comment . I dont like that comment either . It sounds dumb ass and people overuse it . I got some good dro .. .. Duh . . Emmm WTF is it ? While we understand that dro is a hydro plant , a lot of others dont and just flop the term on any good weed . Another over used phrase is BC Bud .... Errr so WTF Is it ? oh well just my 2 cents

    IF you are thinking about growing , just do it . Its one fricken plant . Get some supplies and hit it
  20. ive only got three plants going, and i can barely contain the smell (actualy its not really contained much at all)

    I think growing in a dorm is stupid. you can veg all you like, but if you have any decent genetics then youll end up stinking up the whole hall when you get to flowering.

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