So I have a choice...LSD or Mushrooms for my first psychedelic experience?

Discussion in 'General' started by whitewarrior, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. I've been wanting to truly divulge into the use of psychedelics, and I have a choice of trying either cubes or LSD for my first experience. I'm a very level-headed, happy person, so I'm pretty sure I'll do well when it comes to trying one or the other. I've read numerous trip reports from the shroomery, as well as erowid, so I know what to expect when it comes to dosage, set, setting, and people I'll be tripping with for my first time. Here's the thing: two of my really close buddies recommends that I try LSD first, because they say it's much more of a clear headed trip than mushies, and mushies make them extremely uncomfortable [and they've done them numerous times]. On the other hand, two other people say I should try cubes first, because they're much more of a smoother trip than LSD..WHO THE FUCK KNOWS HAHA. The LSD that I'll be getting is from a really good friend of mine's hookup, it'll be a drop of "supposed" LSD on a bottlecap or sweettart, and they start at $10 a hit. The mushies are MUCH harder to find around here, being that everytime someone says they can get them, they can't--go figure. I will be tripping in the comfort of my own apartment, with my entire library of music, movies, buddies, and fellow blades.

    What do you guys reccommend? Any input is appreciated. :smoke:
  2. lsd. more fun, more in control, and feels alot better. especially on my mind.
  3. I would try shrooms first, I did acid first and it was really weird
  4. go with lsd, shrooms can wait
  5. I've done both, both were good...but i tripped like SHIT off was amazing. so id DEF go with lsd...
  6. we did cubes and gel tablets...the gel tablets was when i tripped like a the way
  7. My first trip was from lsd and I have always preferred it to booms (though don't get me wrong, booms are quite fun themselves)

    But yeah, personally I say go for the lsd
  8. It depends.

    If you feel you can handle the LSD, then by all means, trip your ass off. If you haven't had an Ego-loss or your Ego-death yet, go with shrooms.

    I would get the acid, cause I've tripped countless times, and I KNOW I can handle the acid trip, no matter how strong it got. I've dropped 5 hits and 7grams of shrooms, and never bugged out.
  9. LSD-5

    Keep it coming :)
  10. What are boomers and cubes?

    Here's another queston for you whitewarrior, can u get acid and shrooms easily?
  11. Boomers = shrooms


    cubes are a type of mushrooms. "cubensis" mushrooms i think.
  12. I say you fry your fucking head off!!!

    I'm about to do that tonight!! woot!!
  13. Mushroom potency usually stays within about a 3x range, meaning taking the same dose, you could be gettin up to 3x more psilocybin than the dose you had from a previous dose with mushrooms grown differently.

    With LSD - blotter or liquid, by the way - the amount can vary more. But if you know your connect and know it's real LSD, then it would be easy to say it could have the same range, from 80 to 240 µg.

    You need more time to devote to the LSD trip and when you come down you still might feel spacey for a while, have trouble falling asleep, etc. With the mushroom trip, you might snap more quickly back to reality.

    At normal doses, the LSD trip is more energetic, fun, less controlling. The mushroom trip is more emotional, earthy, heavy. Some people get nausea with the mushrooms, but there are ways to avoid it.

    I believe LSD has a greater chance of bringing HPPD, but that is not negative for all people.
  14. cubes, i was talking about lsd...the first time i did them came in the shap of a sugar cube...the second time they were in the form of just gel tablets you sit on your tongue...
    but yeah i dunno why, but the gel tablets were a HUGE hit wth us over the cubed things we got...
    both mushrooms and lsd though got me really in touch with nature...
  15. Thanks to all you blades that have responded. I think since I'll have the chance to get the LSD next week (supposedly) I'll be trying that first, any more input is appreciated though.
  16. my input is that you wont know until you have tried them both.

    they are similar but different. just like people and personalities. similar but different. i am not experienced enough to tell you what drug goes with what type of person though. good luck man.

    my only recomendation is that shrooms dont last as long, which can be good.
  17. LSD - [SIZE=-1px]Lysergic acid diethylamide

  18. lsd i hear the trip is insane
    and if you do it with your friends who are also more comfortable with lsd then shoorms it will be more fun to do it with them
  19. LSD it is then :)
  20. Let us know how it turns out!

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