So I have 300 to spend...

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  1. As the title says, I have 300 dollars to spend on a new addition to my collection, sort of a gift to myself for when I return to college. I would really like a new bong, but I am open to anything. Problem is I havent bought anything in a long time so I am pretty out of the loop. I am a seasoned toker and I only like to buy qulaity high end glass. I have searched/know about: boro, etsy, and aqua lab

    So I am asking you GC, from your experiance what is the best quality bong I could get for 300$ maybe more.

    Thanks to all in advance
  2. Sg Stemline Mini Bent Neck $330

    Stone Glass Works Waffle $310

    2011Bc Netline $330-$350

    those are my top 3 choices

  3. or get a Iolite vape? i just did for 200 and its the best smoking device ive ever used.
  4. :confused:

    haha im just playin man, i saw your other thread i know you like highend stuff and i loved your collection. Do you have over 300 OP, or 300 on the dot?

  5. I have more then 300, just tryin to stay within the ballpark of 300. Wouldnt have a problem with spending more
  6. Papers = 1.25$
    Oz of weed(what ever they cost in your area)
    Getting high=priceless
  7. LOL - not! Vaping is not smoking. I, too, would recommend a quality vaporizer over just another bong, tho. DaBuddha would be my choice, however, as it is most comparable and compatible with bong use.

  8. forgot king stemline
  9. You cant go wrong with anything brought up already.

    Check out DWB and EFS, both have threads here and are awesome glassblowers.
  10. Yo, OP check out this website. Known for their heady glass, they carry mostly all major brands.


    I agree with PUFFER, look into getting an SG (Sovereignty Glass), they carry some ridiculously nice glass.

    I own their SG Stemline. It's amazing because its stemless and comes with a horiz gridded perc, hits like a champ, seriously look into this, you won't be dissapointed.

    EDIT: won't show the link for some reason? Just type "Aqua lab technologies" into google, then click on the tab "Scientific Glass" and choose "Sovereignty Glass" and you should see their SG Stemline

  11. I have an iolite too but unless you are trying to be stealthy or health conscious I would save the money for glass but that's just me:smoking:

    If you want a ape I can recommend the extreme Q for bag and whip use...that thing gets me rocked


  12. He said he might consider spending more so I was just pushing the envelope:D

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