So I harvested my top colas

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    Cliffs on the plant
    - Random seed off friend
    - Outside for 2 months, vegged to 6ft tall
    - Flowered as winter started
    - 3-4 weeks in it got destroyed by the weather and decided to go dormant
    - Had a rough 2 weeks in my garage under 1 20W CFL until I got funding for a decent setup
    - 2 weeks under a 600w HPS, a lot of dead buds, I decided to remove them
    - A lot of branchs were dying from the top inwards so I decided to remove them
    Then it suddenly reflowered, new buds were growing under/around/ontop of the dead flowers, there must be 4x as many bud sites as i've got literally 6-8 buds clustering up together on each bud site. I noticed the top had signs of being hermaphrodite but as it's my only plant and I had invested so much into it I decided to keep it.
    Anyway the top dried out and a bud fell off, I decided to investigate and the whole top of the plant crumbled away when touched, so I decided to harvest the top, I got 5.8g of dry bud that yielded 0.65g of BHO (usually 1g for 6g of dank).
    My plant is now 3ft of really good growth and then a 3ft stick with nothing on it :confused: but it's a thick stem, should I cut the stem so I can put my light closer towards the growth on the bottom half of the plant? Do you think it is possible only a part of the plant can herm and the rest is female? Have you ever heard of a plant reflowering without a veg period inbetween?
    I wrote so much because I love this plant, I can't find anything else online with simular characteristics.

  2. I would cut the stem to boost growth in your remaining buds. If you wanted to reveg I would mainline first. Post a pic.

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