So i had this thought

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Nexis, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. that what if one day cats and dogs are on our level... voting, driving, sending their children to school? Do dogs think "Oh nobody will see me till i go outside, and when im sleeping, they are in their masters house sleeping".
    Its sort of like african americans during slavery. Some were treated lovingly,and some were treated awfully.... But now for the most part they are treated normally and in a humane manner. The white man thought that african americans were savages....... as fucked up as it sounds, think of it... we think similarly of dogs and cats. Soon we will be able to communicate with them i believe.

    im sorry if none of this makes sense, or sounds mean because of poor word choice (which was not intended.)

    im :wave::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. Damn man, You musta been stoned.

    Interesting though.


  3. We communicate already... I tell my pups to give me kisses (the absolute best thing about puppies is puppy kisses!) and they lick my face till it's drippin'. They whimper at the back door and I let them out to pee. True, we don't sit around having rambling conversations, but it IS communication... and it's more effective communication than I've been getting out of my nearly two-year-old nephew who doesn't speak yet but makes sounds that mean absolutely nothing to me.

    And I find that I can communicate with those non-savage African Americans with no problem... as long as we're both speakin' English. :p
  4. ya it sounded a tad racist, but trust me, it wasnt intended lol im just saying thats how people who weren't educated thought... and i should have specified that i meant ***verbally*** communicate hehe:smoking::smoking:
  5. ^^^^^^^^
    The white man thought that african americans were savages....... as fucked up as it sounds, think of it... we think similarly of dogs and cats

    :smoking: what??!:smoking:

  6. So, you're actually saying that you think we humans will be able to somehow communicate with dogs and cats as easily as we learned to communicate with african americans? :rolleyes:
  7. :wave: /\ NO, Get off the racism and contribute to his thread.

    I am not sure we will still be here in the millions of yrs it would take for dogs to further "evovle" to be able to produce such complicated verbal sounds and be able to reconize and use these sounds in conversation.

    I understand tho. I love animals and try not to think of it and how the abuse goes on around the world to them when I get high....
  8. Racism isn't even part of the picture there. Getting meehai to put up a better argument instead of the possibly offensive one that was offered is the direction I'm taking. The conclusion that meehai came to was faulty in its reasoning. What I stated was what his/her argument concluded in a simple logical progression. Sorry that my attempt to get someone to use a more solid logical argument came across as racist. It wasn't intentional. :cool:
  9. Dogs will one day be as smart as african-americans, is that what you're saying? Hahaha, just kidding. Seriously though my dog is probably smart enough to vote already.
  10. Let me know when they start getting as smart as European Americans... THEN I'll start worrying! Will dogs one day be smarter than every ethnic race of humans?! Smarter than Asian American dolphins even?! :D :D

    Just kidding... actually, it's those damned lower primates that ya' gotta worry about...!:D :cool:

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