so i had this legendary dream last night

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  1. So for some reason I was at a different school, but kids from my current school were there too. Well as I'm walking out of class, I turn. And who is sitting there besides Niel Patrick Harris! So I go, " what's up NPH!?" And he goes, " not much man, just being awesome" And then I gave him a fucking high five and walked away. Oh, he was wearing a suit too in my dream. In school.
  2. When you have the word "legendary" in the title, I expect a lot more than this.

  3. I was expecting a story about a dream about campaign mode on a certain video game
  4. I was expecting a NorCalPiff story..
  5. sounds legen.... wait for it..... dary! nph is duh man
  6. 3 negative responses and one positive? didn't your mother ever teach you if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all?

    Grasscity is real negative recently. :cool:

  7. Thanks anyways, but my post definitely wasn't positive. I would rate it at neutral mood. :p (bazinga). I wouldn't go so far to say any posts here were negative, either. If anything, they were irrelevant, but at least we were simply comments on the title and what we expected to read prior to opening the thread.

    Negative would have been telling him that he was foolish for dreaming about a man, and saying how NPH isn't funny (Both are not my views, just an example of a negative view on the topic ).

    The kid told us a story, he's not asking for advice, nor is he talking about anything serious. I fail to see how any posts here were negative. Maybe if he was talking about a family member that passed away, and I posted an image from a video game, that would be rude and inappropriate, but still not negative. Your post just has me --->:confused:
  8. You do know Niel Patrick Harris is gay right?
    So in return your Legendary dream was about meeting a famous gay actor.
    Which leaves me to conclude you might be gay bro.
  9. NPH is fucking awesome who cares if hes gay.
  10. He came out 6 years ago, I am pretty sure everyone knows. By the way, homophobe much?

    First, dreaming about a gay man is not gay, especially if you are dreaming about an actor or a singer or performer, which is why you'd be thinking about them in your subconcious, because it is stuff we are constantly surrounded by and we idolize celebrities.

    Second, NPH plays a STRAIGHT, BADASS character in every role he plays. If you think it'd be gay to get a high five from a man who can hold his liquor and bang a couple hot chicks every episode in HIMYM, then I think someone is reallllly touchy on the gay issue.

    You know what they say about people who are incredibly insecure over their sexuality...;)

  11. Like I said dreaming about a Gay man touching your hand, and calling it legendary is gay period. I'm not a homophobe I got nothing against gays, I'm just calling it like I see it
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    You know you post makes you sound really douchey right?
    So in return your post makes you come across as a douchebag. Which leads me to conclude you might be a douche, bro. :cool:

    Oh, and 999 posts, now just what to do for 1,000.... It's got to be legend, wait for it...
  13. As I said before, NPH plays straight men all the time. And you don't shake men's hands? Or never given a high five? If so, doing the action of touching a man's hand (prove to me you never touched a gay man's hand) is worse than dreaming of it. By your logic of course, that touching a man's hand is gay.

    Like I said, those people that are incredibly touchy (for example, thinking it's gay to give a badass a high five) about their sexuality, tend to be deep in denial.

    I'm just calling it like I see it.:smoke:
  14. Lmao just forget it, If shaking a man, Who is known as a good actor ofcourse I like watching Nph starring in movies, But he still is Notoriously gay and no matter how high I am I wouldn't have a dream of shaking his hand, and even If I did certainly would not tell the world and call it legendary, But I don't judge and if you had a good dream I can't knock you for it
  15. Kind of messed up that post I'm high so fuck it :smoke:

  16. Dude... You both JUDGED him and KNOCKED HIM (not sure I fully understand what that means, but I understand from context) in your original post. Get out of this thread before you embarrass yourself even more...
  17. I just said forget it, Which means I'm no longer going to judge him or knock him for it, So I don't know how I'm embarrassing myself ..
  18. umm... neil partrick harris is NOT gay, he just gets so much pussy he just doesn't give any single one fuck about being called gay. He is so secure with his sexuality he even TELLS people he is gay.
  19. Who gives a fuck if he's gay
  20. anyone watch the new episode of How I Met Your Mother tonight?

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