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    i have been a long time reader of GC, long time smoker, and a fan of growing since i first became interested in weed. i just recently started doing more reading on growing and finally decided to make my own grow are and test my hand at growing. i know to make a grow room i need white/reflective walls, good circulation, and good light. enough said. im growing in soil, i am starting it out in a 6" diameter pot, miracle grow soil, i currently have a 100W light IDK if its CFL or not? and it is currently at 17/7. NOW FOR THE GROW ROOM! i didnt have money to make a cheap. so i thought about ways to make a reflective box, easily concealed and easily transported if needed. so one night it hit me, WHY not make a collapsible reflective sortof TP? i would have an opening at the top for hot air to rise out, have an opening at the bottom for my fan to circulate the air in and push hot air out. SO THATS WHAT I DID. I found:

    reflective blankets at walmart - $2 x 2 = 4
    lamp kit (hang my light from the opening at top) = $8 x 1 = 8
    and a coat hanger (to hold the tent up) = free.

    PLEASE LET ME KNOW if this is stupid or not. i thought it was a good idea and think it will be fun to test my FIRST GROW EVER out on?? my plant has been in this grow room for 2 days now since it sprouted. watered yesterday. and fed.




    Grow Tent OFF


    Grow Tent ON. you can easily see inside the blanket but light doesnt leave the inside because of the reflection.

    Hanger w/lamp kit running through

    View from TOP heat vent

    View from fan/entrance. LIGHT is 6" away from plant.

    100W Bright Light Nvision

    View from plant

    View of fan/entrance

    CALM 70! a few bags under the plant to keep from soaking the ground


    I WOULD LOVE SOME feedback! any feedback is helpful. keep in mind, its just a practice run. i respect all of your views. thank you :wave:
  2. Are you planning on adding more light?
  3. Like I've said before, a grow set-up doesn't have to be expensive or fancy. Your little tent should work fine for one or two plants. I would however add at least a couple more CFLs, making sure they are 6500k (daylight). Keep the fan blowing to bring in fresh air and strengthen the plants stems, and you are good. Kudos for being creative and thinking outside the "box"!!
  4. yaa, i have a Y piece i was going to throw on another 100W bulb in about a week or two, when it gets a little bigger. and they are 5500k a piece so i would be pushing 1100k. Too much? i have a 150W and 2 27W bulbs for back ups. i figured i would need some soft lights for later stages. THANKS for the feedback!
  5. Thats a 26 watt bulb, 100 watt equivelent. When looking at cfls look at the actual watts. Id definatly add at least 1 more now, and another 2 once it gets going, for flowering id say double that
  6. WORD! ill throw that in now before my timing tomorrow. and how about my times on/off?
  7. 17/7 will work for veg, the norm is 18/6, but go ahead and be an outcast lol. 24 on works well too. What i like to do is go 24 on for the first 2-3 weeks then switch to 18/6. Also when going into flower i do 24 hours of dark before making the 12/12 switch
  8. i figured i would just mess around a little. haha.
  9. seems to be working! I imagine you could finish a whole grow with a set-up like that. As everyone else said though, I would add some more lighting but that isn't needed until its a few inches taller really.
  10. Yup a few more CFLs, and they could be 2 or 3 inches closer to the plant.
  11. thank you all for the feedback. i threw that other bulb in but its still 5-6" away. ill definitely throw two more 100W white light Nvisions up at well later on. STILL HOPING its a girl. its just a seed from a baggy i had. PM me if you have any feminized seeds? this waiting game is wrecking me. im in love with this little thing but i need to cut it out so i dont waste time on a dude...
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    Hmm that soil looks a bit to ruff, what type of miracle grow soil is that? To me it looks like the type ment for outdoors, but im sure you can make due with it. Nice little setup ya got going though dude, and best of luck with your grow!

    But If I were you and had more seeds id try to get one more goin in there btw, having one plant can be a let down sometimes.

    And lol I have one of those fans in my closet as well, the damn thing can be a bit noisy.
  13. It makes me want to make 'Jiffy-Pop' popcorn!
  14. its mouth watering. I KNOW!!

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