So I had a talk with Mother

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  1. Well, my dear old mum has always been pretty anti-drugs, aside of legal stuff like alcohol, so when she found out I smoked weed a while back, she wasn't happy about it. The short version of what happened next is there was an out of sight out of mind attitude afterwards.

    Well, I got my exam results back a couple of days ago, and decided tonight to confront my mum on the weed issue, not for her approval or condoning of it, just to put her mind at ease about it.

    I took my results down to her and showed her them, she started with all the "I'm so proud" mother stuff, and once she was done I pointed out to her, that all through the school period I smoked, responsibly, to come out with the results I got.

    Something seemed to click in her head, because now she says as long as my sister isn't around, and I keep it discreet, I can smoke about the house without her minding.

    I'm glad my mum's come to terms with the reality of it, instead of the all the nonsense the media puts out about it.

    Mostly I'm glad that I could smoke in the house, because now I'm high as shit, and I had a spaghetti bolognese and it was the best thing ever.

    Um...sorry if this bored ya :smoking:
  2. Grats on getting your parents to de-aggro, makes life way simpler and less stressful. Be sure to dedicate a bowl to her
  3. congratulations, i had this talk with my mom about a year ago. I also have to hide it from my brother, even though hes older and doesnt live at home anymore hes just anti-pot and would be mad if he knew they were letting me smoke
  4. LOL, my parents know I smoke(or have smoked) regularly and my mom is dead set against it but my dad used to smoke a lot of pot himself so he just told me if he finds any bags laying around they then belong to him.
  5. now no worrying about hidin shit as much...thats always nice:/

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