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So I had a stroke...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by terribleherbst, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I'm 19, and it was due an AVM (Arterio-Venous Malformation), something I was born with. It is basically a tangle of blood vessels. So much blood was in my brain that it caused me to stroke. It happened 7 months ago. I come to you guys with a question: Is it safe for me to smoke weed.
  2. from everything Ive been seeing its most likely the best thing for ya.....pretty much is good for everything..
  3. why would you ask us hahahahahaha
  4. You should talk about it with your doctor.
  5. seriously man consult a doctor. not a forum.

  6. Or granny

    (storm crow)
  7. I'm sorry to hear about your stroke. I suggest you read this webpage:

    Cardiovascular Effects of Cannabis | Medicinal Cannabis Information

    There is also a section that specifically pertains to strokes and neuroprotectivity.

    When in doubt, speak to a qualified medical professional. In this case, I'd suggest your neurologist.

  8. i got the hht also, and have been a med/weed user for more than a long time. originally i found that my migraines dropped to zero w/i one year and the inflammation has been reduced in my other regions. the small polyps that look like a lil red bump or mole, wart, have shrank to small specs.
    its interesting to speak to someone who is young and stroked from this. ive wondered if i had one some time ago, but most of my tangleastasia related symptoms have reduced by tons. because you and i are unique to our dis-orders, i would try it only with a grain of caution. sometimes coughing or sneezing can cause immediate hemmorage and potential bleed-outs. dont want ya to bleed ta death! it has been an amazing trip for me as early on i found that sensitivities prevented me from using much to reduce pain and inflammation. over the past two decades i trashed my liver and kidneys with daily doses of ibuprophen 8-12 / day. it became so bad that i could hardly piss. i quit the ibu's and grew my first grow and havent had many problems or any side affects since. i have lost my middle aged gut and weigh what i did before i was married. life is good now. i dont think many understand what it is to take so many meds that the side affects make you require more meds. due to my more frequent use i seldom even get the munchies and never paranoia.
    get the card and grow plenty, try to vaporize or take small hits to avoid the coughing whenever possible and you otta be fine. i was diagnosed at 18 following a emergency surgery and partail removal of some intestines. was a really crappy moment for me.
    you can hit me up in private if you should wish, its a critical issue and again id caution you as avm's in the brain are or can be serious! if youve smoked it much then you likely wont have a prob. but also the compression from the cough or sneeze could cause a rupture in the brain or sinuses. also check out the hht website if you havent already. best of health to you my friend! -D-
  9. my friends mom had a stroke and she uses weed everyday to help her sleep and with pain
  10. smoke that shit... weed don't do nuffin' but heal!
  11. WOW GREAT POST :hello:
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    Yes, we are all pot heads, and medical experts.

    Consult your doctor if any of the following occurs when you take your daily dosage of marijuana.

    - stroke
  13. Harsh.
  14. I would talk to your doctor about it, maybe you'll end up with a MMJ card! (if you don't already have one)
  15. Sorry to hear that man, it always saddens me to see anything at all, let alone something of that magnitude occur to a young person, even if it's not debilitating that has got to take it's toll on you, even if it's just the stress of it all.

    I would most definitely try and get the most solid information as well as a doctors thoughts if not multiple doctors thoughts on the matter before proceeding, but in terms of my opinion I do not see there being any complications, but please please don't take anyone's opinion on here for more than what it is: an opinion, I am not at all qualified to say what to do and neither are most on here.
  16. Oh man, you better ask your doctor about that. That's some serious shit; you don't want to take stupid chances. Marijuana, does, in general, heal, but in this case, I'd ask your doc dude because weed can affect blood vessels and blood pressure.

  17. just curious? at 19 how much testing was or has been done on you? do you have other organs affected w/tangles, or major patches of pigment discoloration, (raspberry/strawberry) birthmarks?
    whereas it can affect any part of the body and worsten with age, it is something you will need to learn a lot about. most of my m.d.'s have virtually zero experiance with it. mostly university hospitals and mayo clinics get us as patients, however there are some places (far from me) that specialize in it.

    since age 18 ive had the major surgery and 5 blood transfusions due to chronic and acute blood loss, so this really is a serious topic and your specialist should be making a y/n reccommendation.

    ive learned to recognize blood loss symptoms and treat myself with radical doses of iron (not recommended) and highly toxic. when i used to bleed severely id get a simple hematacrit count and start my treatment early. when young i was suffering from an iron deficientcy and lacked enough syrum ferritin to build new blood cells. it had been all used up attempting to keep up with loss.
    when depleated id go straight in for a few sacks of someone-elses blood

    nowdays i just reach into my own sack and devour weed, its about 1$ per gram and look at the simplicity. iron for me and some for mary jane. mary jane for me and none for the iron!

    life is good! (and what you make it) make it good!:smoke:
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    None that i know of... My parents had the AVM removed by surgery. It has been completely removed. I dont know if any of my organs are affected, but i dont have any birthmarks that are red. Whats HHT?
  19. Grannnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(storm crow) o" where arth thou.
  20. i agree. get Granny in here, she will know the answer.

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