So I guess I have flies.

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  1. I think they are fruit flies, this is a compilation of a week. How worried should I be, I've never seen them on my plants.
    sorry ifone dosent get better than that.

  2. Fruit flies are not interested in your plants. Rotting fruit or a carcass maybe.
  3. Pour peppermint shnaps in a bowl in your grow area and they will fly in and get stuck and die!:)
  4. May not be fruit flies. Might be fungus gnats.
    You can make a simple trap using
    Cider vinegar in a dish with a few drops of dish soap(cheapo sunlight is one of the best)
    The fancier dish soaps domt work as well.
    That will entice and catch the fliers.
    My wife found that a spray consisting of cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, and distilled water took out any larvae in the soil. Worked fantastic!!!
  5. Thanks ill try the dish soap method.
  6. Get the cheapest sunlight. Yellow bottle blue/yellow cap. Like 99 cents at wallyworld
  7. You have fungus gnats...easy to get...easy to get rid of. Of all the insects you could get thats probably the best out of the bunch. Get some fly tape from Walmart/Target/Home Depot. Hang that up then buy some insectidual soap from the same place. Its non toxic organic salts basically that dehydrate the insect. You can spray it on any edible plant. You can also buy some sand and pour it on the top of your plants.

    Adults lay eggs in soil, eggs hatch into adults. It can take a little while to break the chain. So catch the flyers and kill the larva.

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