So I guess gnats like pot...

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  1. It could have been something cooler like a badass moth or something but I mean hey it was interesting. Heres the story. Btw, if anybody "cool stories" this the jokes on you, this WAS cool. To me atleast.

    So I'm sittting on my bed smoking the first bowl outta my new sack I just picked up. I was out of weed last night and today so this morning I took a tincture I'd made about a month ago. Anyways. I'm about halfway through my bowl, listening to the latest dubstep posted on gc's dubstep forum. Good shit. And this gnat flies in front of me. I think "That's the first bug I've ever seen in this apartment..." And continue to smoke my bowl. I look down after my hit and I see the gnat flying around the bowl and its trail of smoke. I say "go ahead man", completely knowing a gnat prolly can't understand me nor wants to be engulfed in a plume of hot smoke anyway. Well the damn thing flies through the plume 3 times in a row then sits on my arm. Before I can reach the thought of there being a not so cuddly bug on me, it flies through the plume and away out of my vision. Weird... So now I'm typing this TLDR whatever it is. Oh, and my dealer gave me change, and in this change was a star bill worth half my purchase. Good day. Peace.
  2. I believe talking about getting animals high is against the rules :rolleyes:

    But anyway I actually like this.
    I was wondering about this moth who kept coming back to the screen window. I really think the light was attracting it but the smoke APPEARED to chill it out. I was like how the hell can this even affect such a tiny brain?

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