So i guess 3mg xanax bars dont exist

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by akidnamedustin, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. hey guys quick story i was prescribed 3mg of extend realease xanax(alprazolam) for anxiety but of course they dint do shit unless u chewd em(ever tast benzos:eek:)
    any way so asked my doctor if he could presscribe me 3mg bars cause i thought they existed he looked it up every where and they either took em of the market or the jus never existed cause he could not find em any where
    so now i got iget prescribed 1 and a half 2mg bars twice a day! 90 pills a month its nuts
    is any one here prescribed that much?
    and btw im not addicted at all i dont even take em that much cuz of toleance its jus not worth it
  2. i'm about to be my doc might switch my 60 1mg klonnies a month two xanax bars becausr i'm supposed to take 4mgs of klonny a day but never get the right amount to do that and she might keep me on 30 klonnys a month also and i might be getting switched to norcos from vicodin:hello:
  3. damn crazy

    im bout to get a 60 pill script cause my wisdom teeth "hurt so bad" lol

    but they getting pulled dec 3rd is gonna hurt :(
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    getting alprazolam prescribed for wisdom teeth? :confused:

    No i dont believe they ever existed

    I never really had serious problems with anxiety, but when i use xanax i like to take two 2mg at a time, that always the sweet spot to get me feeling really good.

    its interesting how much they dont effect you, i currently have some anti anxiety pills right now called Buspar, go to it's wiki, its not benzos so you wont have a tolerance.

    I currently have 5 15mg 'extended release pills irght now' i think im going to take 2 right now and i'll post in this thread, tell you how i feel
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