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so i got this new hookup...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by grass roots, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. I met this kid in one of my classes, he's the man right under the local grower, which is pretty damn awesome. I just found out that all my past dealers got their stuff from him, im saving some cash now!

    So i meet up with him at a place after school, and he asks if i want to go cheef with him and his friend in his truck. So i jump out of mine, jump in the backseat and off we go. He hands me over my half O that i paid 100 buck for (go to image gallery to see it) and then he brings out his huge ccg spoon and he packs it with one of his nugs. We pass it around while just cruising all over and then i packed it with a nug i just bought. After that was finnished, we're completely lost, and driving in circles for 30 minutes until we find my truck again. I stumble out and hardly drive home. I get upstairs to my room, play some donkey kong for a few minutes, and then preceed to pass out in my bathroom sink. This sickness just overcame me and i puked out all this muffin i ate when i got home a few minutes ago, it was so damn gross. I layed in my sink for a good 20 minutes, and then managed to take off my pants to get in the shower. After another 20 minutes, i climb out and pass out in my bed until the next day. I wake up, and i feel fine. It was seriously the worst experience i've ever had with smoking bud... I know its not the bud that made me sick either, because i was sharing it with two other guys. It was the first time i smoked since new years though, i think i overdid it. We smoked about an 8th and a half in that truck, and hotboxed it...

    I'm smoking another bowl of this stuff tonight, and i'm really hopeing i dont get as sick as i did. Never before has that ever happend to me in my years of smoking, it sucked...
  2. Cool you found a new hook-up, i really gotta find someone like taht, most of the people who deal around here charge full price all the time and are generally pricks about it. And if you don't have a scale(glad i do) you can expect to get skimped :(
  3. grass roots,

    grats on getting one step closer to the dealer. should save you some money. money = marijuana

  4. glad to hear of your new hookup, getting promoted in hookups is a great thing!
    in terms of what happened, it sucks but it happens to lots of people. I wouldnt worry about it unless it happens after your next few smoking sessions. then you might want to consider that it is the weed you got thats making you sick for whatever reason. but since i doubt that'll hppen, toke away man.
  5. yeah, since then i've smoked 3 more times using the same weed, but i smoked it out of a bong, so it was nice smooth hits, and i got ripped, and didnt get sick at all...

  6. or in some peoples cases, marijuana = money

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