So I Got Stoned And Went Mountain Biking Today (56k beware)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dannk!, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Normaly I don't really like cross country but its dman fun when you baked. All these places I can ride to out my front door.

    1 - Smoking the first joint
    2 - Riding down the train tracks
    3 - Crossing A Field
    4 - Little downhill
    5 - Nice scenery

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  2. Haha sounds like a rush (when stoned).
  3. 1 - River
    2 - Little singletrack
    3 - On top of a hill where I smoked my second joint
    4 - View of a train bridge across the valley (it's acctully huge)
    5 - Gunna bulid up a landing on this and make a 10+ footer


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  4. i looooove moutnin bikin kick ass + rep
  5. AWESOME pics man:hello: Reppage +
    I really like the shots that show all the landscape
  6. very nice...... i walk my dog everyday while smoking a joint and it's fun
  7. Nice scenery, where is this?
  8. Alberta, Canada

  9. edmonton?
  10. Red Deer

  11. Damn, that looks sick.
  12. wow man thats very cool. Looks fun, I havent gone mountain biking in a while, and never have blazed. +rep for an awesome trip.
  13. true mountain biking is in the rockies lol

    its fun as hell gettin blazed on the lift up then when you get off your like whoa!

    then you ride down the mountain haha, same thing goes for snobarding its just as fun gettin just as blazed

  14. Fuck yeah! I go to fernie, pano, kicking horse 5 - 6 times a summer.

  15. Looks fun.
  16. Man! Those places are so chill!

    I love getting stoned in nice surroundings like that.


  17. Looks like a good time. I love anything with nature while I'm high, its all so amazing.
  18. Those are some awesome pics. Very beautiful scenery. Shit, I need to get a bike.
  19. sounds fun as fuck dude, not to mention it looks so nice.
  20. dude. Ive always wanted to do that, thats so damn dope

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