So I got Ripped off.

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  1. It was by my only dealer too.

    50 for an 8th. There was shake in there. and some fucking horrischwag shit. but I don't know what to say. At the time, it was dark and I couldn't see into the envelope.
  2. Just tell him what happenned. Just be like, hey this 8th is . . .. I dont know, im friends with my dealer so its easy for me to do that, but even if your not friends you should be able to be up front and tell him what happenned. Dont be mad though, act like it was a mistake he made and not on purpose. But yeah, a fifty dollar eighth should be slightly above average weed, not shit like that.
  3. yea tell him it didnt look worth it. maybe he can give you back $10-20 to compensate.
  4. maybe call him and try acting like you will switch dealers if he rips you off even though he is your only dealer you gotta pretend you know more
  5. since its your only dealer your kind of on eggshells.. i would deffinately bring it up though
  6. How long have you known this dude for? If he just recently started hooking you up I'd ask him what's up, otherwise he's gonna take you for a bitch that he can rip off whenever he wants. You need to let him know that you at least know when you're being ripped off and you're not some junior high kid that he can take advantage of
  7. haha i would only charge like 55 an 8th for like dankass dispensary bud

    but yeah i would say find some friends who have other connects and just go through them
    he's obviously a little fucknut who needs to get beat up the next time he does that to someone.

  8. payin 50 an 8th sure as hell better get me somethin better than slightly above average weed.

  9. Well i paid $40 dollars an eighth for slightly above average weed, so maybe remove slightly for 50 dollars.
  10. Why would you ever pay for marijuana without looking at it?
  11. if it's schwag, tell him you want like 30 bucks back, or he better make up for it with some more bud. if it was even remotely good stuff i would have paid $50 a quarter.
  12. \

    Great question.
  13. sorry to hear that man, did he answer when you called back? that sounds like something that was done on purpose....
  14. Just find a new dealer dude. Luckily i get my stuff from a very trusted person that i see everyday and he would never rip me off so I never have to worry about that. But fuck, if hes gonna try and give you shake then I would just never call him again and thats HIS LOSS. One less customer to make money off for him.
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    i know my dealers dont do well with threats. Just take it as a learning experience.

    you try to pretend to know more, they will call you out. they deal with people like you on a daily basis, have money to make, and probably dont give a shit about you, until you need something done.

    try to plan your coppin during the day/lighted area
  16. dont threaten him call him and ask for more weed or change it for better weed and if not just stop calling him and look for someone else
  17. Yea be nice since he is your only connect. But next time just ask to see it on the scale and tell him to leave it as buds till you scale it. And if it looks like dirt weed ask huim about it while it on scale
  18. that sucks. def should have looked at it before, i mean thats 50 dollars.

    i would call him up and go over there and act like its no big deal, bc it really isnt. cant stress that enough. tell him it didnt look like dro or it didnt taste rite and see what he says. his reaction will be a good indicator of whether or not you should continue to give him your money.
  19. next time you buy from him MAKE SURE TO LOOK AT IT and tell him to weigh it in front of you and if it looks shitty just be like "yo i aint paying 50 for this 8th ill give you like 25 for this tops"and if he says no then w/e just tell him you aint buying what hes selling
  20. Make some friends with some stoners man. Just blaze with people, eventually someone will hook you up. Don't deal with shady fucks. I remember when I first started blazing I had to sneak out to this dudes house across town at 2 am for like a bowl of shitty shake that he told me was a G, but it was night time. Once he even gave me oregano in a balloon. Shady fuck. :mad: But now my friends older brothers and shit hook me up so it's cool. :smoking:

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