So I got My Lip Pierced...

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. No pictures yet, But tonight I went to Adrenaline, and got my lip pierced! I got a 14 gauge ring on my left side, lower lip. I called my dad to tell him, and he was dissapointed. My mom hasn't seen yet, nor my recruiter. She will bug on me hardcore, My mom will. I'm pretty high though so whatever.
  2. That sucks man.
  3. i get cut off if i get a peircing or tattoo .... wtf is that bullshit. so being 18 isnt freedom until you pay your own way in my family
  4. Pretty sweet dude, when I was 16 I decided to piece my labret myself :p Parents never found out, 4 years later, I still have it lol
  5. Gauges :shreek:

    Whatever makes you happy man.
  6. Getting it pierced right as your going to boot camp? Arent you going to have to take it out in less that a month or so?
  7. Pics or it didn't happen ;)

  8. Found out im leaving Oct. 1st. I just wanted to try it, see how it is. Ya only live once right? I Had it done at Adrenaline while I was pretty high.
  9. 14 is standard size man :p

  10. wats a labret??? a poo nanny??
  11. So yeh, Eating and stuff wasn't too hard, And I blazed right afterwards. They gave me this weak peppermint tasting mouthwash. Quite interesting, And I'm to use it after I eat/smoke. THe guy made an emphasis on " smoking" and laughed, He knew I was quite High.

    Im worried now, because my dad was dissapointed. he's strongly opinionated, and is known to carry on about shit, so we'll see when I see him.

    I have a special wash for the outside, Which I do before I go to sleep/ when I wake up to remove any crust. I also am a cig smoker, So I will be using the wash/ sea salt quite frequently.

    I have the standard 14gauge silver circle ring thing. I wanted to do a spike, But the guy said he couldn't. He said I wouldn't be able to change it for awhile. I've been playing with it too much. Quite fun.

    Any advice?
  12. Well, to start off, I have snakebites (you know..lip piercings on each side of the lip). Don't play with it too much. I've learned that the hard way. It irritates it and drags "crusties" into the piercing. Not that fun. Don't go too heavy on mouthwash or the sea salt spray. It could dry it out. Icey things are a godsend. You know, slushies, cold drinks, stuff like that. Helps with the swelling. Just keep it clean, try to avoid playing with the ring too much and knocking it around and it should heal up just fine. Oh and wait at least two weeks until you change to any other jewelry. I'm sure you've heard this all from the piercer but..never hurts to hear it again. :wave:
  13. pierced my lower right lip myself with a 14 gauge needle, and put a captive hoop through it.. real pita. But i had a very stoned satisfaction afterwards that felt nice. My only advice is dont play with it to much, you carry around more bacteria on your fingers than you think, and everytime you spin it around you risk the chance of spinning those germs right in there. Be safe about what you do, the only time i'd move my ring is when ever i needed to clean it and i could feel the lip skin growing TO the ring and that sorta sucks lol, but that only happens for the first week maybe at the most. Reguardless its a fun experience. I miss my piercings and my mohawk :( Still got my gauges though. Good luck in basic too!
  14. It's when you pierce the middle part of your lip.

    This is a picture back from the first day I pierced it 4 years ago [​IMG]

    At one point I had snake bites and my labret pierced, because I got bored and did this all to myself lol

    I've pierced a whole bunch of other people too, looks nice :D
  15. Well, let me just tell you my parents didn't know I had my lip pierced which meant it had to be taken out EVERY time I came home, but I still had a spike in it like the 3rd day, it's a good idea to move the ring around, not excessively but you do wanna make sure it doesn't get fused to your face. Limit your cig smoking, or carry around a bottle of listerine with you. It'll take a little while to heal but lip piercings are fun :) Uh.. when making out with someone, make sure they don't have a lip ring in the same spot.. could get tricky ;)
  16. You should listen to your dad more, he's probably wiser and has more experience than you.
  17. I want to get my tounge pierced. I want to modify my body somehow and I think a tounge piercing is the least offensive way to get what I want from that.
  18. I'd go w/ 16g and never sleep without it in.. even if you think it's fully healed.. how i lost mine. anyways, too many people have them now.. and thanks for letting us know. lawl
  19. See what I would have done with that money is run to the nearest dealer with the dankest buds and grab me a bag of sweet cheeba which i would then proceed to burn and get lit. :smoke:

    Why disfigure yourself or brand yourself for life? Why pay for it?
    Maybe I'm illogical :smoking:
  20. Thanks for the help guys. Only two weeks until I can change it?! Sweet. The bad part is I forgot my mom's birthday is tomorrow... Haha She hasn't seen yet. My dad and I are going out to eat. I haven't had 1 cig yet, But I plan too. The guys at adrenaline gave me shit to clean the outside, And "Biotene" mouthwash for the inside.

    I cannot WAIT to change it, new color, Maybe a spike, Just something else. Plain silver ball blows. Just kinda sucks I gotta carry this mouthwash around with me, lol.

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