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so i got my incredibowl mini (m420) today. and this is what i think :]

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by diagnosedashigh, May 19, 2010.

  1. its more of a steamroller. but it like has just been made better also the carb can get warm from lighting the bowl but ive never had it get like so hot that you cant touch it.
  2. steam roller = bowl on top, carb behind bowl, mouth piece in front


    like that chillum = bowl on opposing end of mouth piece....but its carbless....where do you get steam roller... the carb of the steam roller is where the bowl of that thing is.....
  3. it hits like a steam roller...its not carbless so its not a chillum. because the whole point of a chillum is that its carbless. its hard to explain unless you've actually tried it.
  4. tru story... i think its great when people buy those acrylic "bongs" with carbs, not realizing, they are bubblers, not bongs. hahahahahah Bong = no carb clear via removing slide, bubbler = carbbed and slide doesnt release air/ isnt removeable
  5. hey Sirsog, surprised you haven't heard of them, they are huge in colorado, and from boulder, they were in westward a few times a piece of the year and won many awards at the cannabis cup.
    just do a search and you'll find tons of info on em, they're awesome, i'm getting one as a ski piece, indestructible, and amazing rips!

    Do a little research before you come in here. And i believe the difference is more in the mouthpiece bongs and bubbs, bongs are straight up, and bubs have seperate mouthpieces. you can have a bong with a carb, just like you can have a GonG bubbler....don't act like a snob dude, your giving us boulder kids a bad rep
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    lol you musta read it wrong, i said i HAD heard of it, but never seen one... then i said no one i KNOW has one, not that they arent all over, yea i have seen pics of them in Kush mag and westword, if i show you a pic of a nuclear weapon,. could you please explain how it works.... i just wanted to know how and i was trying to use objects i have knowledge of to compare, but thanks for just assuming you know how i think

    EDIT: and too add, no the difference between the structure of a bong/bub is that one has a removeable slide, the other tends to not, and when a bong has a carb, it has a slide stem, meaning the slide is the stem and isnt removed to clear. I lost this argument to a glass blower many years ago, regardless they make bubblers that look like bongs, if it is cleared via a carb and not by removing the slide, by all definitions its a bubbler, not a big difference tho, i was just saying its funny. Like how a hookah is an upside down bong, but you would NEVER hear most people call it that lol.
  7. [ame=]YouTube - hitting the incredibowl part deux[/ame]
  8. w/e man, if you lost this argument to a glassblower as well you're prolly wrong.
  9. So how does the harshness compare to a similar sized dry piece?
  10. WAY less harsh, more tasteful and bigger rips, when you clear it, it just shotguns into your lungs super nicely
  11. Nice, my dry pieces are a little too harsh for my liking but I need something compact for the road.I am considering getting one but Id like to try one first.
  12. yeah there pretty great. the mini is especially great for traveling but ive also never held a i420 to compare.
  13. Holy shit, I want one of those bitches.

  14. So my one footer with ice catcher is actually a bubbler... and the little handheld one i had that i started considering a bubbler towards the end of its life is a bong?
  15. ill have a video coming at some point. but its def awesome. i was carrying it around all day, and i even forgot i had it.

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