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so i got me a little more than a gram of mango kush soo???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by high tymes 420, May 4, 2009.

  1. what should i do to get the best high

    should i roll 2 or 3 joints?

    or should i make a water bottle bong?

  2. id smoke joints over a plastic bottle.
  3. make it into firecrackers, look it up im sure there is a recipe somewhere around here. they are really simple to make and the high lasts forever
  4. Waterfall Bong...Saves ur weed if u have little
  5. definitely not a water bottle bong. go with the joints or make a gravity bong. the grav will conserve the bud a lot more and youll get ripped.
  6. get some glass asap,but id go with some home made water pipe over a gravity, that shit is rough and even makes dank taste like ass
  7. Make a gravity bong bro
  8. Regular bong > gravity bong.

    They operate on the same concepts (as far as pressure and physics goes) but one is filtered... so why not?
  9. ^^ Cause you can get insanely huge hits with a 3L GB? In about one second, 3L of smoke. As opposed to a bong where you take the smoke gradually.
  10. Noobs. ROLL A BLUNT!, if you bought a gram your looking to get FRIED. Alright, Roll it to a blunt. so much better. and you wont regret it. just get super high already.
  11. 2 or 3 hits off a grav will get you the highest and conserve your weed the most.
  12. I agree, roll yourself a nice blunt and have a long enjoyable smoke. Enjoy your kush man, don't waste it in a grav or a joint
  13. ++

    Waterfalls are always nice when bud's low and all it requires is the tip of a pen and a bottle.
  14. Definitely make a gravity bong.

  15. :rolleyes: Waste it in a gravity bong or a joint? Rolling a blunt is a waste and why ruin the taste of herb with tobacco? .5 of that mango kush should get you blazed.(Depending on your tolerance). You don't need to roll it all in one blunt.
  16. bong/bubbler preserves taste, nicer and cleaner smoke, way more efficient.
  17. smoke it out of a bong and/or bubbler!
  18. Gravity bong is my vote.
    I don't like smoking blunts of dank because it takes the whole experience of tasting the goodness of the bud out. Then again, GB doesn't taste all that great.
  19. ^^^^^^
    that, but whatever you do DONT ROLL A JOINT!!! i like joints just as much as the next guy but 30 seconds after you spark it your really gunna wish you hadn't done that.
  20. If you wanna get the most out of it, DONT roll a blunt! blunts are a pretty big waste, compared to a good bong rip.

    With a bong you'll be able to squeeze every last toke out of your mango kush.:D

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