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  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. Well, In another thread on real life stories ( or in general), It shows the details about my arrest. I'm being charged with:

    Posession of Under 50grams ( it was a ROACH)

    Posession of Paraphanelia ( They found a grinder in the girl's purse I was with).

    So, I opted for no lawyer, not serious enough. I've been dealing with the fact I may not be able to leave for bootcamp for up to a year. I haven't told my Mom, Only my Dad.

    My question is, What would be something to get it dropped to? I CANNOT have the drug charge there, Or ANY conditions ( Probation, ETC...).

    If I can get off with NO conditions, but the drug charge, I can still get in on time, Only I have to write the Air Force a letter about what happened. The police report says NOTHING about use, Just that it was on the floor, and by default I got charged too.

    I'm thinking about opting to get it dropped to " Public Nuissance". I could give a fuck about the money, I just want to leave on time for bootcamp.

    Any ideas how to approach the prosecutor with this? What would be some good things to say/Ask for/how to ask?

    I think as long as they get their money, it wouldn't matter much. If I get it dropped to something with NO drugs, I can go in ontime like nothing happened.
  2. Hey Spaz, depending on the courts in your area, hopefully you can ask to speak with the judge one on one (before court starts). Explain to him the situation, especially the part of you going into the military, kiss some ass, and hopefully he'll cut you a break. Explain to him what you would like to see happen, hopefully he'll understand. Has worked for me in the past. Good luck man, such a bum rap.
  3. Yeh, I'm pretty sure you CAN'T talk to the judge before hand. It isn't like regular court or anything. Just, Everyone whose got a summons sits in the court at the same time, and you get called up one by one. It goes pretty quick.

    The prosecutor is the one who basically charges you. Here's what I have going for me:

    Leaving in 3 weeks for bootcamp.

    First offense.

    I cooperated with the cops ( No, I didn't narc), but now he said he may not write me a letter.... Fucking asshole.

    My pops, Sister AND recruiter are coming with me. My recruiter is going to talk to the prosecutor too.

    It was SUCH a minor amount, a FUCKING ROACH. The grinder charge is bullshit, it was in HER purse. But, Whatever.
  4. weird i have court on wed too
  5. I dont know about new jersey but in florida when i first got a possesion charge they said it wont be on my record because its my first marijuana charge, but another marijuana charge would mean im convicted and its on my record. If your trying to leave on time you might have to plead no contest and take the punishment the judge gives you. If you are trying to get the charges lowered then you will probably have to plead innocent, then have to go to court on another day and plead your case. The judge wont really listen to what you have to say in open court.
  6. Why does the United States have to be like that, The laws in Cananda are unconstutional meaning you don't get charged or anything. A guy got busted for 3.5gs and its was thrown out of court in July or Augest. They should make yeah pay a fine and thats it. Now i heard there hiring inspectors for grow ops in Canada:hello: lol. Hopefully they just legize it and no more drama.
  7. NJ is a really dick place in terms of smoking weed...

    And to the Canada guy: Thanks bro, You helped me a lot... :mad:
  8. What happens here is you show up, there a ton of people, finally the public defender calls you (before the actual trials start) and you talk, and they say "we have decided to offer you this.... " then you decide to take it or not. its hard to say for you, it of course depends on your case and state, but my experience was that most people got something close to the normal penalty. but i actually just got a little fine because my case was really fucked up, as in the way the cop handled it, and so they probably realized that.

    anyways, as long as your public prosecuter or whatever is compident, which isnt a sure thing, they should offer you something nice becase you really had nothing. there is of course always the opportunity to turn down their deal, and try to come up with a new one, but that will be hard with no lawyer
  9. Thanks Fractal.

    I CAN'T have the drug charge, well, I'd have to write a letter, but I MOST DEF. CANNOT have ANY conditions. I wouldn't be able to get in. I've got my recruiter taking the trip with me... Hopefully he can have some influence.
  10. Ok not getting a lawer was a bad move on your part. That said theres a few things you can do.

    Standard in this case is conditional discharge (probation) Lasts a minium of 6 months with possible expungement. Exactly what you dont want.

    At the beginning of the summer I got a periphernalia charge 2c-36-2. I went out and got a good lawer who dropped it to an "ordinance violation" which came with a $250 fine and nothing more. This is the absolute best i could have gotten aside from getting it dropped. Next, you can try and have it dropped to "loitering". carries a $750 fine.

    You said the grinder was in the girls purse. Why are you being charged with it? was it yours? did she claim it? will she say it was hers? good chance you could have that merged (dropped). Your best bet is to get a lawer if you can. most lawers/ judges/ proscecuters know eachother so if your lawer likes you, you can get off scott free. I have alot of information on these types of cases that i really dont feel like typing out now, any questions just lemme know
  11. Thanks. That loitering thing looks good. I don't give a fuck about the money, just my career.

    I'm not sure what happens with the paraphanelia, but I'll get it merged regardless...

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