So i got caught a while ago...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Swifthero, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Its a Sunday,and me and a friend have arranged to go painting.I have a sweet spot in mind.So i call him and he declines my offer of going painting.Since i had it all planned out i left to get to the spot.I got to work and after a couple of minutes i moved on.As i walked down the road see a junkie on the other side(i was really para as i was on my own)and he crossed over to my side of the street.From the way he was walking he looked like he was going to walk right into me.He stopped me and asked e if i had any ''tubes''(i dont know wtf he was talking about,if any of you guys know please tell me)i say no and he asked me if i have any cigarettes,i say no and he walks away.I turn and walk away and i just peek over my shoulder to see hes following me.I get to the corner and sprint right up the street as fast as i can go(remember i was really para)and i walk home.Before i get home i decide to go to a lane to do a bit of painting before i go home.After doing nearly a full wall,i finish and look down the lane to see to police on BMX's coming right for me so i grab my bag and run.I get through to lanes before giving up as they were right behind me.They take my bag and emtpy my cans out.They open the front compartment of my bag to find my 20sack,a bag of tobacco,skins,lighter,and my broken pipe.They give me the lecture about how its bag and that cat's piss in it and dog's shit in it(WTF!!??)and confiscate it.I then get taken home and have to tell my mum about it :mad:.They charged me for vandalism but let the weed slide.
    Its now months later and nothing has happened about the charge and ive been blazing for about an entire week now:D
  2. I got arrested for the same shit. They knew I was high but didn't do anything about that. They found my backpack with 6 cans, all stolen. I was in for about half a week before my papers slid, and they tried to say it was a felony since it was on a school bus but that's bullshit. I worked that shit off while smoking I never got tested and it's expunged now ^_^ Had to pay 600 restitution alog with my bond, 500, it's really not worth it.

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