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So I got busted.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Whitey6, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. The other night I had just purchased 15 grams of some fine bud, had rolled a gram joint, and smoked it when a cop pulled up beside me, took my weed and gave me a fine of $150! This is rediculous.
  2. Could of been alot worse.
  3. I fail to see how.
  4. That's rediculous? You're lucky as hell, you've obviously never been arrested. Trust me, that's nothing compared to going through court.
  5. exactly,seems like you havent,i got arrested..fined..and community service..seems like worse to me does it not?
  6. yeah dude, got caught with 3 grams and had to go to court and everyhing and community service

    so you should thank the cop
  7. if i got busted and all that happened was i lost the weed and got a fine i'd be happy as hell. you dodged a bullet on this one, no court shit, no arrest, be thankful man
  8. how'd the cop know you had bud?
  9. In Canada we decriminalized marijuana. Unless I'm carrying more than 30 grams of weed, I cannot go to jail for smoking or possessing marijuana. The worst that can happen is I have my weed taken away and given a fine. In fact its almost legal up here, theres even a website that claims its not illegal in Canada but I find it hard to believe. You can go to the website at
  10. he probably tokes himself. took yur shit and fined ya. =D
    sounds like a smoker cop.
  11. my mate4 got raided cuz of his housemate, $600 fine $715 wif court fines, for not even a gram, 2 cones wif spin, bummer ay
  12. Well,here in america,we have harsher penalties,so kudos to you.
  13. I live in Canada as well, and as far as I'm aware, it's still illegal where I am. Most people are chill about it now, but cops would arrest you if they caught you.
  14. yeah its decrimilized here, but we get city police, bein tuff, thats a piss off ay

  15. So yea... I need to fuckin 'vaykay' in Canada if this is true lol... Go visit some relatives or some shit...

    Being that its legal up where u r, yea ... thas wack what happened...

    But ur situation is considered lucky where im from
  16. Here in most of Amerika, land of the free pigs, you're ass would be in county with all the gangbangers until you see a judge.

    Got picked up on Friday? You're sticking around until Monday.

    You'd probably spend $100 just calling people to get you out of jail.
  17. Im actually reading up on the "Food and Drug Regulations" of Canada and apparently you can be issued a license to deal ANY restricted drug in Canada. And when I looked under the list of restricted drugs I found nothing about Marijuana, Weed, THC, [SIZE=-1px]delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or anything to do with weed.[/SIZE]
  18. seeing as how you were behind the wheel, thats a DUI.
    15 grams is over a half which around me is considered intent to distribute.
    the fine could have been higher.
  19. In Canada we can't get charged with trafficking unless we have more than 30 grams on us. And we don't consider driving stoned as DUI.

  20. +1 you got off lucky man

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