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So I got busted by the 5-0... but no arrest? (confused)

Discussion in 'General' started by jfeezy, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Alright, so yesterday my roommate, a freind, and I were burning a few bowls, my friend left, and forgot to lock the door on his way out.. Appx. 5 minutes later our door opened up out of nowhere, and 2 cops were in our living room with a k9 unit. They said someone had called in a complaint about the hall stinking like dope, and the k9 supposedely tagged our door. They asked who'd been smoking the dope, my roommate and I denied it, and they called us liars.

    They patted us down and found a small amount (about a doob worth) of some mids in my pocket, and then proceeded to search my buddies room, and found a bunch of pipes, a digi, a jar with a little under 2 grams of dank in it, and a few roaches.

    The 2 officers had my roommate and I go outside and they brought us each to seperate cars, the officer I talked to kept trying to get me to narc... I told him it was totally against my principals and beliefs, and said I realize it was a dumb move, but it was what I believe in. He said he respected that, and I asked him for a few days to think about it (just to get him off my back). He said that was fine, and handed me a card with his number on it. He did not write me a ticket or arrest me, he only took the small amount of bud he found in my pocket, and said he'd be working for the next 5 days.

    So, my question is... Should I call him back within the 5 days, or should I not call him back and hope that he forgets about it?? Its really a tough situation, and I don't know what to do!!

    On the bright side... the k9 did not sniff the dank bud I had in a white pill bottle in plain site, so I was left with like 1.5 grams of dank bud after the ordeal.
  2. sounds to me like you got off scott free, definitely don't call the dude, no good could come of that. He sounds cool enough to forget about it. So just go smoke your remaining 1.5 and have yourself a large time.
  3. sounds to me like these 2 cops were out of weed and wanted to get high:D

    but i would not call him back
  4. Alright so now im confused as well...are you saying all he wanted was the name and location of your dealer? was he trying to get you to snitch? and where do you live cause maybe its decriminalized in your area and penalties are only a civil fine?? :confused:
  5. Well from the sounds of it you'd most likely win in court, they sure as hell can't bring a dog through and just walk into your place like that. You should have told them to fuck off and come back with a warrant. I'm not sure what the laws are regarding K9's around you, but that's sure as fuck an illegal search where I live.
  6. They did the illegal move there. so it wouldnt support in court. so dont call him back. He knows he cant win. thats why he didnt arest you.

    Forget about it.
  7. call him, you will get arrested if u dont
  8. Dude dont be a narc...if you got caught then be a man and take your punishment.

    You should of told him you found it on the streets and that you dont have a "dealer".

    If they come back and write you a ticket get a lawyer but dont be a narc!
  9. They just want to keep the weed and they didn't arrest you because they can't, they would just waste their time. They can't just open your door with a dog and come in.
  10. By telling you to call him he was being pretty clear he let you can't actually do that. Cops can't bust you for something illegal and leave it up to you whether or not you give them a call back to arrange for an arrest :rolleyes:

    That was some luck though man
  11. nah dude ur arrested, if u dont narc that is, not saying u should at all its totally ur choice

    but ya ur gonna get a warrant dude

    but i would say dont call him

    wait for him to call u

    cuz for cops to arrest someone they have to do paperwork so hes probally just waiting
  12. Deff dont call him.
  13. haha yeah thats bullshit, i bet the fuzz was outta dank like everyone I know.
  14. I wouldn't call him if I were you.
  15. If the cop was serious about that shit he would of got your contact info...not give you a card and ask you to call back after you "think about it"...fuck that porky smoke the rest of your 1.5 g's...lock the door.
  16. Ok so let me get the facts straight here...

    - 2 cops and a dog freely let themselves in your own home.

    - They took your weed

    - Decided to search your home for more weed, without a search warrant.

    - The cops fucked with your head abit.

    - And they took more weed from you and just walked away

    ... I might not be the brightest guy in the world, nor do I claim to be, but... isnt that slightly out of 'textbook procedure'?
  17. fo sho^^. you guys got robbed.
  18. If you want to make sure you arent in any trouble wait a week then call the police non emergency number and ask if you have any warrants.
  19. Dude they can't illegally search your house, and then get a warrant using the illegal search as backing, that would definately not hold.

    What you should do is go straight to the police and file a misconduct report.

    Unless of course you rent out, in which case I would call the landlord, whom may have given consent. If he did, the search they performed was entirely legal (he could have been the one who made the call to the fuzz). If he didn't consent, again, misconduct report. They can get in trouble for that shit.

    They basically tried to search illegally and scare you to narc, knowing that they don't really care about you and want your dealer. If you narc, that is legal information, and grounds to a warrant against your dealer.
  20. Pretty much by letting you go, they're stating that you're "not under arrest". Just make sure to clean everything up, leave nothing out, hide it somewhere else. That way, even if they do come back with a warrant, they can't arrest you for what they already let you go for, and they won't be able to arrest you for anything new.

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