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so i got a vape, noob quesitons

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by married2mj, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. so after i turn it on i wait til it reaches the temperature before i put the tube on?

    and then after i put the tube on how long do i wait til i could start taking hits?

    and how do i know when its done and ive inhaled all the thc i could?

    anyways i just vaped for the first time and i really liked it although its a little different, but not that much different, i just think i did it wrong


    btw it got me pretty baked off not too much weed :)
  2. Yes, wait until it's reached the appropriate temperature.

    There should be a control light; when this goes off, you can take hits. When it goes back on, grab a brewski and it'll be ready again.

    The vapor will taste like popcorn when the bowl is cashed.

    I don't know what kind of vape you have, but crank that bitch up to 392*F if you can; that's THCs boiling point.
  3. thank you so much rep+

    i put it exactly at 392 and that was just a guess
  4. Try 325 and work you way up to 392 instead. THC vapes at 338 also.
  5. i just bought this fuji mock volcano and i am like addicted to that fucking thing now. The most important thing in my opinion for guaranteed success with this model, and im sure with your as well is to let everything warm up for much longer then just how long it takes to turn the ready light on. I put mine at 400 and then wait til that light goes on. then drop it down to 370 and wait ten more minutes and there it is, perfect vapor! The most healthy and potent way to ingest marijuana.

    BTW... I dont know what type of weed you get, but i really recommend smoking organic bud in the vapo. it is my opinion that vapor reveals the true taste more accurately then smoke, and any hydro pot or even chemically grown soil bud, i personally would have to say it makes me gag. NOTHING BUT ORGANIC is the way to go, but if its not available, then i recommend kifing your bud down to powder and putting a minimal amount of shitty weed and maximum amount of kif possible. Kif makes for great vapo, even if its real green, def.
  6. Read on up "organic" nutrients. The vast majority of commercial organic nutrients on the market are chemically the same and derive from many of the same natural salts as non-organic nutrients (which is stupid considering they're all technically organic)

    Additionally, I love hearing all the debate on what tastes better. I could give you the pepsi challenge with a bud grown with General Hydro that was properly cleared and a bud grown in 100% "organic" nutrients and you would not be able to tell the difference. Honestly, it's all in your head, unless you're getting really shitty hydro.

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