So I got a little problem with finding soil.

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  1. I am just about to start my second..

    let me start that again

    I have started my second grow, seeds are germing right now and I headed up to pick up a few bags of FFoF... but they no longer carry fox farms soil. I am calling around tomorrow, but from the looks of it I may me shit outta luck (only store that looks like it may carry ff soil is smith & hawken, but i doubt it.)

    can somebody recommend a good backup soil? I mixed 80/20 ffof/perlite last time and had good results with fox farms trio nutes.

  2. this stuff?

    Premier Pro Mix, Potting and Seeding MixPro Mix Potting and Seeding soil is a complete professional growers formula of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, decomposed bark, limestone, and wetting agents. It is used for indoor and outdoor potting and seed starting.

    closest retailer is only 12 miles, i could pick that up tomorrow. sounds like it's already mixed, no need to add more perlite?
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    I use this

    Picture 1.png

    You will be on the nutrients a little earlier than say FFOF. 1/4 dose of big bloom at about day 10 is where I start. Next feeding i break out the grow big and big bloom.

    As far as adding stuff its your call. If you add to FF soil you may also want to add a little here. I don't but I always wish i added during the first 3 weeks but once the roots consume the pots I am always glad I didnt. :)
  4. thanks man, chances are i'll be giving this a shot. i probably wont cut it any, but i may put like an inch of perlite on the bottom of the pot covered with paper for drainage

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