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So I got a bong...

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by STARaptor, Jan 1, 2013.

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    It's this small blue plastic bong that my aunt got me for Christmas out of nowhere and I was super pumped cause I really wanted one! And yes I know plastic sucks blah blah I'm not here to hear that I wanted to ask everyone - and hi by the way, this is my first post - about something that's confusing the fuck out of me regarding The Blue Bomber.... My bong hah ;-) OR is this a bubbler, I don't even know the diff!?

    Y'see there's these 2 giant holes in the bottom of it and, wtf? Why?

    So I'm friggin' baffled here and the only solutions I can come up with is:
    -It's not a bong/bubbler?
    -plastic hurrdurrr
    -failure of proper sealing cause the bottom piece is separate

    It works fine, but leaks so I can basically only use it outside. I can deal with that though, so I ain't complaining. I just wanna know why the heck there are 2 holes there that kinda looked manufactured!? Or am I just out of the loop hahah

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  2. Are there two stubs on the base that go into the holes? The only thing i can guess is the base is supposed to keep it sealed??
  3. In the first pic you can see that the base (flat piece) is a different part than the long piece. That's what I meant by base
    And in the second pic you can see the holes, which means the holes are in the base :-(
  4. Welcome to the city op. nice tube :wave:
  5. Long story short thoes holes should not b there. Just plug em w some rubber
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    Correct me if Im wrong bro, but the holes look like they are in your base and the bottom of your bong has a plastic cap that fits over the bottom right? If so, that cap is removable to allow easy cleaning and when you have the bottom of the bong capped with some nice ice water in it, it should work like a champ, indoors or out! :bongin:

    Edit: to hopefully add some clarity, I think the base comes off and there should be a cap to cover the bottom of the bong before putting the base back on?
  7. Thanks! It's my second piece. I also have a glass pipe!
  8. Oh!? So I should be able to take that off?? Hmm... I kinda figured that what Kings said was prolly right. I need to try this!
  9. Find the leaks dry them scuff them slightly with sandpaper and apply silicone sealant.

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