So I found my iPod..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Brahski, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. It's been missing for about a month...

    Today I went out for a smoke on my back deck, when I dropped my cig. I hopped the rail to get it and what do I see? An iPod touch sitting on the ground of my backyard.. Now there been about a foot of snow here in Buffalo for the past month and it recently started to melt. I try to turn it on with no avail. So it may have been out of batteries, but prolly broken due to water damage.

    I put it on the charger and what do I see on the screen before me? The red lightning bolt over the battery, it works! I took a shower and came back and the thing is working but it's been flippin' out, like the volume keeps going up and down and the touch screen won't work.

    I put it in a bag of rice for now but I think I fried it when I hooked it up to the charger. We'll see tomorrow. I really hope it works, it was an 8GB 2nd gen that cost me like $200..
  2. ya man you usually want to not try to turn a wet electrical device on until after you dry it out. You probably damaged it but at least you found it.
  3. go to an apple store dont tell them about the water damage just say its fucking up and if its been less than a year ul get a new one
  4. Man this story gives me hope that ill find my ipod as well. About 3 months ago i had my i touch and went to put in gas came home and i couldn't find the fucker? Someday ill find it maybe :rolleyes:
  5. Should have riced it first.
  6. yup would have been alot smarter, plugin that thing in while it was wet was a horrible idea
  7. ok well just to let you know i think your basicly screwed...........
    Ipods have this little sticker that turns pink when water has touched it and if its and differnet color but white they wont replace it or anything you can google some images of what the sticker looks like its inside the 30pin dock connector and the earphone jack

    sorry for your loss
  8. There's a water indicator in the headphone jack. If there's water damage all they have to do it look there.
  9. damnnn. i had my my ipod touch go through a washing machine at the cleaners and it worked still. but unfortunately that same ipod touch was stolen not long after
  10. If electrical equipment gets soaked in water while turned off, it usually works when dried up and turned on; the water can't really damage anything only cause short-circuit in places and that is only dangerous if large voltages pass through components that can't handle them..
  11. Buffalo fuck yeahhhhhhhhh
  12. dropped my ipod in the sink, sent it in, got brand new one sent right back, doubt hes screwed but thanks for being optomistic! :smoke:
  13. That reminds me of a story. My friend lost his cell phone after a pretty wild party one night. He didn't really sweat it at the time, everyone at the party were close friends. He was sure he would either find it in the morning or that a friend would pick it up. one saw it that night. Or any nights for the next 6 weeks. But, as fate would have it, most of the snow on the lawn melted the other night. And what do we find? His cellphone of course. :p
  14. riced it for like 3 days and it works fine now!!

    glad i'm not out 200 haha
  15. That's lucky.
  16. nice :) i lost my iphone in a moshpit at a blink 182 concert over the summer :eek: but by some miracle i found it like 20 min later:D i was soooooo happy

  17. This.
  18. I've gotten my Ipod completely soaked many times and it always works after a few days of drying out. Not until after a few days though.

  19. 2nd that. :D:smoking:
  20. my ipod was out side for like 6 months i thought it was stolen or lost. i found it in my back yard. it still works. that was like 5 months ago. 1 month ago my brother switched the language to chinese. it was wiped. i am just now refilling it with music

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