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so i found a nug laying on my dads desk

Discussion in 'General' started by kayakush, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. so i help my dad. i lasted helped him friday and did not come back to sun at 10am. i was here now and wanted to smoke, i was like fuck me. i went to find my pipe and c what i could do. i looked at the desk in the back room and there she was about a .75 g nug just laying there. i thanked god and now posted this. peace
  2. So you stole your dad's weed?
  3. That was your dads last nug. Hows he supposed to get high now?
  4. Niiiice, but very greasy lol
  5. Lol hope you didn't burn that whole nug to the dome

  6. no it was mine from friday

    he doesnt smoke
    you are funny:D

  7. i must admit i did
  8. so you leave your weed out in the open like that? Balls.
  9. yeah my dad know i smoke and i do forget that was the story.:D
  10. You found your nug on your dads desk. Thats what you meant to say.
  11. i would hopefully say so
  12. that is what i meant to say.
  13. Ah, i thought you find your dads weed and smoked it. That would be pretty scummy.
  14. yes that would.
  15. Happy 2,999th dude
  16. now its three thousand....but hey whatever..1 love

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