So I found a dead girl...

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    So I was blazed out of my mind and got a call from my sister at about 6PM. Turns out her friend had started drinking for the first time and she called my sister and her group of friends to hurry up and meet her in the forest as she had already started pre-drinking. A whole 2-6 of Vodka and some other crap.

    Time went by and they tried to call her back to tell her to wait a bit as they were going to be a few more hours. They couldn't get a hold of her after an hour so thats when i got the call and they told me she was in the forest by a local school, worried about her and shit and they were out looking for her and wanted me and my buddies help.

    Me and a few of my buddies show up with flashlights and start looking in the forest with my sister and group of friends, for some reason they had not checked this "obvious" spot where I know a lot of kids go to drink and chill in the forest. WE go there and I see a body on the dirt by a tree stump. I am trained in basic first aid and certified so I go up and check her ABC (Airway, breathing, circulation) zito, nalch. Her face has already gone off colour and there is puke around the tree stump. A buddy of mine finds a few emptys and shows me what she downed.

    Called 911 and I arleady know she is far gone and not coming back from this. Now my sisters friends come and see her and they just start... laughing all of those fuckers. Now im not sure why they started laughing over a dead body but they were all high and im assuming it was just a holy shit reaction and all they could do was laugh. Didn't help when the cops came and there was a bunch of kids laughing.

    Im really shook up about this and don't know if I should go see a councelor or something.

    Sorry if this makes little sense at the moment I kind of wrote it in a rant mode. Just pissed off at how stupid people can be.
  2. if it's bothering you talk to some people about it. Start with friends and family, but a therapist/counselor couldn't hurt. Try to find one with good recommendations.
  3. hmm if your a first responder/EMT you are offered CISM(Critical Incident Stress Management)
  4. I'm not an EMT I just have Industrial First-Aid level 1 as I work in a warehouse and anyone can get the course.
  5. fuck that sucks I'd talk to my family and friends and let them be your shoulder to lean on cause that's what they are there for and it always helps
  6. thats messed up that they were laughing about that. Sorry to here that. seeing a dead person is tramatic.
  7. that's some crazy shit.

    if you feel you need a counselor i say do it. can't hurt.
  8. Talk to someone you trust. Best friend, parents, gf, priest, ect.

    The "friends" who laughed at her death really bothers me. Did they not know she was dead or did they just not like her?
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    It was a huge group of her friends and guys all high as fuck and all they could do was just stand there and laugh. Like what the fuck this was their friend.

    In response to mushroom, they knew she was dead after I said it. From what I heard from my sister the chick was liked by them all.
  10. Definetely not the kind of thing you wanna bottle up. I saw a dead body in africa when i was like 15 and it really bothered me to. You should definetely talk about it with people and get through it, whether its with a counselor, close friends, or the creation of art
  11. Laughing.. wtf man. I dont care if it was a shock reaction that sounds like some immature kids. I'm guessing not 21 yet. Damn I really feel for that girl. That sucks.
  12. man if that happened to me i would have knocked out who ever laughed thats fucked up.
  13. damn man thats intense dude sorry to hear about that. why the fuck would people be laughing? did they know she was dead?
  14. This may sound a bit fucked up, but the way I usually dealt with death in the past was a little laughing. Not like "hahah this shit is hilarious" kind of laugh, but a "I don't know what else to do" laugh. Luckily I've mostly broken the habit, because I'm sure that wouldn't go over well in an actual death situation like yours.

    Anyway, the best thing to do is talk to the person you trust most to talk about real shit, or somebody who you ask advice from that you look up to and respect, because I guarantee their words will put you more at comfort. I'm sorry you had to see a dead body man, it really does make you think.

    If you want to hit me up on MSN or AIM and talk, I'm always here man. Take care.
  15. IMO i think it was such a drastic situation that none of you had been in before, so you dont know exactly how to react to something like that. Many people laugh at the wrong time, not cuz its funny, just because thats the only reaction that comes out.

    but for the most part people scream and cry. just my 2 centz
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    What the fuck? Dude, that's not the kind of thing you should be saying. Get your head on straight, and don't say shit like that again.
  17. Yeah, that's not called for, Psychoactive.
    Way to show some sensitivity, man.
  18. Yeah, go see someone, I took a class about PDS, and some other sht that can really not be awesome in the long run. Go see someone, it's worth it.
  19. The girl drank herself to death!! God fucking damn ME!! Ignore me...
  20. You sure you didnt kill this girl, Borstal?


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