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So I finally tried 100% indica bud...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by danik420, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So after lots of sativa strains like sour d, haze, etc i realized i was getting very paranoid and started to enjoy the spacey high less and less. yesterday my guy hooked me up with some northern lights x big bud which is supposedly full indica.

    And let me tell you...IT'S LIKE NIGHT AND DAY. No longer do I feel like a meth head tweaking, but my brain could actually still function and I just felt at peace. After about 30 mins I was in bed watching community and I felt my whole body start to vibrate. It felt like an earthquake so I actually got out of bed to check for any tremors. Apparently it was just my body having sex with itself.

    Needless to say, I believe that sativa and indica should be treated as 2 separate types of narcotics and sedatives. Not leaning towards one side or anything, just stating the diversity and contrast cannabis can possess :wave::smoke:
  2. Sativa and Indica have completely different effects on your body. Sativa highs make me paranoid and I never really feel "high" (as in that inner calm you get). Indicas make me feel relaxed, euphoric, happy, and I never get paranoid when smoking an Indica. Some people are really against Indicas but I've never understood why
  3. Indica's are my favorite, hands down. Sativas are fun, but Indica's help me with my medical problems. :smoke:
  4. 100% indica eh you getting sleepy yet man.
  5. Indica's make me burnout hard. Sativa's are that grab-and-go kinda high.
  6. I agree!! indica is very very chill.
  7. Community is the bomb, saw the very first episode a few days ago and I'm closing in on the end of the second season tonight.
  8. I found this out the other day too! I smoked on some White Buddah which was DEFINITELY Sativa (or Sativa dom.) And then I smoked a bowl of grape ape the next day and LOVED it. I usually like sativas for the day because they don't make me as tired, but I found that Indicas don't make me sleepy as long as I don't eat myself into a coma :) I used to be the Anti-Indica type but I'm changed. Keep tokin!
  9. Used to love sativa strains but now I love me some indica
  10. That is completely true. I only get tired if I eat (which I usually do)
  11. That's not 100% indica, but I myself like indica dominant stuff, although too indica is actually pretty boring.
  12. Yeah I can't achieve that inner meditative state with sativas which is weird. It's a cool state to be in though.

    Welcome to the community family :p just found out about it too recently. Once you start watching it's extremely addicting. Weed + Troy/Abed = :hello::hello:
  13. Welcome to the dark side.
  14. I also prefer indicas, sativa makes me too anxious and I feel like my hearts racing which makes more more anxious.

    I find indicas help more with pain as well, ill smoke potent indicas when my back hurts or for cramps. In general I like them more in every single way.

    But everyones different, one of my brothers is the opposite and loves sativas.

  15. hahaha YES!

    persoanlly ti'm a sativa type of person but i love me some indica for nightime toking for obvious reasons, sativas are for the daytime/ wake-n-bakes
  16. I'm a sativa guy, but indica helps me relax like no other.
  17. [quote name='"FreedomIsSmoked"']Indica's make me burnout hard. Sativa's are that grab-and-go kinda high.[/quote]

    Dude! Thats such a badass avatar!
  18. I never tried a 100 percent.
    But Indica for sure.
  19. Am I only one that likes sativa strains WAY more than indica strains?

    Indicas just make me tired and hungry... Sativas help me space out/think/get shit done.
  20. im high off that indica i dont know why anyone would wanna be tweakin out thinking the cops are everywhere fuck that im just chillin

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