so i failed my drug test

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  1. i am on first timers probation, and took a random test and showed positive for THC...i havn't talked to my POfficer yet, but figured i would call him before the results are faxed to him. any suggestions on what i should say? im really scared and wish i could turn back time.
  2. good luck man- i've never been in that situation but it sounds harsh:( this bowls for ya
  3. Can't really advise, i've never been ina position like that.

    Best of luck.
  4. well i called him and left a message. the thing about it is i never have to meet him he is about 130 miles away. but i just told him the truth that i made a mistake and tested positive for THC. and that he will receive the results later this afternoon. i figured id tell him first and man up to it. im gonna ask him if we can meet in person this friday and hopefully resolve this issue with either a longer sentence. or maybe more drug tests and just be sincere and tell him i won't smoke anymore. the thing is that its just weed man. i dont do coke never have never will never done any other shit (well yea drink but w/e) i dont even smoke cigarettes. im a good kid A honor roll, trying to be in the medical field to help people and im only on probation because i got caught with my "friends" shrooms. My this is so unfair.
  5. The first time you fail he will more then likely give you a warning. They usually do, but if you fail again you might get locked up.. I'm in your same situation, except I just passed my first drug test so I am smoking right now then gonna quit this weekend.
  6. my advice to you is be honest and DONT lie.. good luck man
  7. say your still gettin it out of your system.. you could have quit a month ago for all he knows, just pass the next one
  8. Yea man, just be honest. Thats what I told my PO.

    'Listen man, I quit four weeks ago and maybe its not out of my system completely. Tell you what, test me in two weeks'

    Quit NOW and empt out over the next two weeks, youll be fine.

    But dont take it lightly, they will lock you up.
  9. the thing is i have been on prob for 6 months now and this is my first test
  10. a warning would be sweet, even more testing i wouldnt mine, longer probation would suck but i would deal with it, i just dont want my probation to be revoked or for this to go to the court rooms again. does anyone know what possible outcomes are and what maybe most likely?
  11. Well man, let me tell you a story. I have been on probation for posession before, but the story is about two of my friends. Two years ago when I was a senior on high school my best friend was on probation, he never had to see his PO cuz he had a cool PO. Well, my school gave random drug tests and he didn't know his right to refuse. He tested positive for THC and the school sent the results to his PO. Well that was the end for him, since his PO thought that my friend had betrayed his trust he got another year of probation, he had to go drop at the court house twice a month and had to see his PO in person. Why all this, he leid and told him that he sat next to someone in class that smelled like weed and he must have inhaled some of the smell.:rolleyes:

    Fast forward to now, buddy of mine got probation for a drunken brawl in a bar. He also smokes a lot. Tested positive for THC, told his PO the truth that he had given into peer pressure cuz he has been so stressed out lately and asked his PO to help him to overcome the pressure. His PO felt sorry for him and didn't do anything accept recommend counseling for his stress. The whole stress story was bullshit, but stress counseling is alot better than what happened to my friend in high school. Good luck with whatever happens bro.

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