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So I ended up in the hospital last night.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zamrambo, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. We had been drinking in a dorm room until some RA's busted us for that.

    Then we went out to go smoke some in my buddies car. I smoked a pretty good amount of weed, probably 10-15 solid hits of a blunt of regs.

    Right afterwards I started feeling dizzy and like my heart was racing.

    Now maybe it was just the noob in me, but I started worrying a little.

    My mouth started drying up and kept getting dryer and dryer, and my heart wasn't feeling any better. Then my girlfriend started saying that what I had felt like how she felt when she too ADD meds to stay awake. So I worried a little more.

    So we went to the ER and they took my pulse. It was a little above normal, but kept skipping from about 100-115 every 5 seconds.

    They took an EKG and gave me an IV to slow down my heart and knock me out.

    Obviously, it was the longest night of my life. Did I freak out for no reason whatsoever? I came back today and played a baseball game 3 hours after waking up.

    I'm sorry if I seem like a pussy or anything for all of this but I was legitimately scared.

    Any thoughts or anyone with something similar?
  2. hahahahahhahahh...i dont mean to laugh at you homie but yeah youre a pussy
  3. If your going to drink and smoke, smoke first.
    If you smoke after your buzzed from drinking, your going to get the spins.
  4. just so you are aware, drinking makes you dizzy, and so can weed, and also weed will increase your heart rate..
  5. at least hes not an asshole like you...

    but yea, sound like you over-overreacted, paranoia is a side effect of buds.
  6. Maybe because the more you worried the worse it got. A lot of the affect from the MJ is phycological. It does speed up your heart rate, but not to an alarming level (i don't think).

    Your mouth can get very dry. Keep well hydrated and you'll be fine.

    Also mixing drink with bud is a recipe for a messy night.

    Next time you start worrying just try and take your mind off it. It should pass.

    My friend had the exact same thing. He was pissed, and he decided to smoke a few joints with me. Within half an hour he was pale, and he was complaining about a pain in his chest. Shortly after he passed out. It's all good :smoke:
  7. I think you just greened out. My sister actually turned white as a ghost, could hardly stand and def couldn't walk, then threw up a few times... from smoke an L with me and 2 other people. She just wasn't used to smoking yet

  8. I just didn't feel like dying from something so stupid, that's all. I figured better safe than sorry, and hopefully I can cover the bill.

    Otherwise I'll just tell my parents that my heart started feeling weird so I went to the ER, that's all.

    Excuse me for not being as cool as you.
  9. You're one to talk :devious::p
    Yeah dude dont freak out. If you wanna be a playa you cant go to tha hospital every time you get the cottons. :smoke:

  10. its all good dude, don't worry about that guy. we've all flipped our shit on weed at least once im sure :eek:
  11. First time I ever felt like that, and then my gf started talking about her ADD med symptoms.

    Oh well, happy toking from now on I suppose.
  12. ohhh nooo. Reminds me of the cop calling in because he thinks he oding on brownies
  13. whoooaaa!...i was kidding around you called yourself a pussy first...mellow out

  14. ...not true;).
    But you should be allright nextime homie, just know that the herb cannot kill you. As a precaution stay away from mixing alch and weed untill you get a lil more comfortable with both and you should be cool (and saving some dough!)
  15. Shitty night bro. Happens to all of us though. =p
  16. The main reason I get annoyed at posts like these is because 99% of the time it's because people don't do any tiny amount of research into what they are getting themselves into. Paranoia and increased heart rate are both completely normal reactions to weed
  17. wow bro, maybe you should put the pipe down for a while
  18. hahah, get crunk'd :p
  19. Maybe it's just me but I have proven (at least to myself) that that's a lie. I get the same effects regardless of what I do first.
  20. u just got too paranoid, its all cool, but u dont have to worry about it. completely normal side effects, and u get crunk if u drink and toke.. thats it. keep it chill all the time

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