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So i Ended My T-Break! Pics!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SEMS1, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Morning Blades.
    So as i said yesterday i was gonna put an end to my T-Break last night.
    got a crazy 1/4 of Skunk, but only got 2.8 left or so this morning. oh well.
    still got good pics. cant take macros though.


    These ones are real frosty shots.
  2. beautiful!!

    oo how i miss skunk :(
  3. lovely buds, toke good ! I have to wait another month and a half till season is over maybe two if we go really really far :-( I WANNA :smoking:NOWWWW hahaha
  4. 1 more pic
  5. that last pic you just posted looks really nice. Enjoy mang. :)
  6. cheers, for the first time i played with settings on my camera LOL.
  7. nice frosty nugs.. enjoy:smoke:
  8. luckyyyyyy i got a half oz of some shady mids last night cuz im brokeeee.

    i wish i could get bud like this!
  9. How long did you go?

    That's some tasty looking buddha by the way.
  10. Damn, good stuff

    I wish you much fun and happiness with that shit!

    Hope I can find some shit like that around when I end my Thc - break in a few months or so.
  11. Looks like some flame :smoking:
  12. congrats. I tried a T-break this weekend I got like three hours in lol. I'll try again on Monday, start on a new week! I can do it, it's just there's so much good bud everywhere right now its hard :(
  13. 3 weeks man, wasn't easy, but after the first it isn't so bad :p

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