So I Drank coffee an hour ago...Mistake

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by G4Grassdetta, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. It's 1230am and I'm buzzing strong...was all nice and sleepy but I left the coffee pot on by mistake. Whelp, it's warm and a little bit would be nice. 2 Cups later....I dun fucked up fellas.

    Didn't think I could get this wired out of nowhere...considering normally it barely wakes me up...

    Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

    Forgive my inane ramblings. Trying to burn off steam. Anyone ever have a similar experience? :p
  2. Its the drugs that you don't expect to mess you up that actually end up fucking you up the most haha. Like a couple weeks back before getting on a boat I decided to take 3 Dramamine motion sickness pills so I didn't get motion sickness. A half an hour later I felt oddly high out of nowhere, really freaked me out. Upon further research I found that Dramamine is a rather psychoactive substance. Never making that mistake again lol.
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  3. Yeah, out of nowhere precisely. Had it enough times later in the day but damn. Heart rate through the roof and everything.
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  4. yeah a lot of stuff has happened. many coffee related incidents.
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  5. Nah I can wake and bake with a coffee and fall asleep lol
  6. yeah I have to quit coffee, the first sip is good and then after drinking it I regret it and feel like i'm on speed.. plus the headaches and naps later. After around a month, feel so much better with more stable energy

    it's really addictive and such a strong drug, people don't realize since they drink it daily. It's also everywhere, people offering it and cheap.

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