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So I don't cough anymore... Anyone else dabbing a lot?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vash92, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Amazing day at work, but it brought up some health questions that I still cant seem to find answers to.

    After work, I smoked for the first time with 3 people that I've worked with for years. Even though they have also smoked, but for way longer then I have, they all were coughing quite a bit off the small glass pipe with mid grade weed.

    I didn't cough at all.

    The only difference between us is that I mostly dab super top shelf wax. Right now I'm dabbing this


    Has 89.9% active cannabinoids in it. Tested and shit...

    I dab this stuff 3-4 times a day. Costs me around $200 a month, which is a lot less then the same amount of top shelf weed to get me high. Its also alot faster and since I switched, I have stopped coughing off weed almost entirely.

    I feel healthy, I work out and im very athletic. I do cough when something else that requires coughing happens (some bitch threw cinnamon at me). No breathing problems at all and my lung capacity is huge. I'm just kinda worried because I think its weird that I don't cough anymore even off big ass dabs.

    Are there any dangers with dabbing wax? All my shit is top shelf and my wax is tested and highest shelf.
  2. I don't cough anymore really. But I haven't done dabs in a while.

  3. Good to know. I also dont drink or smoke cigarettes. When I do cough from something else, its healthy and my lungs are clean. No hacking or anything.
  4. Once you build a tolerance you stop coughing. Since you're using high quality shit, you won't cough as much. My buddy went through an oil making phase about a year and a half ago and I rarely coughed when I smoked. We only hit oil though and if we DID have actual bud, I wouldn't cough. Now, a year and a half later, I no longer have a roommate so I gotta make my paycheck last longer which means a lot less bud. I cough ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I wouldn't worry.

    Been smoking 6ish years.
  5. I just recently switched to wax and I agree, it does make you feel healthier than consuming flowers. Plus it's just easier; one or two dabs or two or three bowls? There aren't any health hazards that I'm awares of from BHO unless it isn't purged properly.
  6. I haven't had a good cough in a while...and nice pic !

  7. After tons of research, that's the same conclusion that I have come to.

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