so i did put a tent in my unheated attic crawl space/now a journal

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  1. here it is for those who remember me asking how to heat my unheated attic. the tent is in as u can see and the temps are good because of the HPS. we will see what happens. i have one purple wreck and one pre 98 bubba growing. it was tough but i did it.


  2. Good luck man. Hope it turns out for ya
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    purple wreck 14 days



    pre 98 bubba kush day 4 not looking good....growing sideways

  4. advice on the pre 98 bubba advice....why is so small for 4 days?
  5. They all look over watered. That'll be what's stunting the growth too.

  6. i just watered them before i took pics. i dont water unless i dont feed unless i dont feel moisture 2 inches.
  7. Well it's either over watering or stress. Have you transplanted or something?

    How often do you feel 2 inch dry in the soil?
  8. This is such a great idea. I want to try it out this summer

  9. the pre 98 bubba kush was transplanted as a seedling and i think i fucked it up because it was more delicate than i thought. the purple wreck was also a seedling but much more stable.
  10. Good luck. I had a cabinet grow running in my unheated shop, and couldn't really control temps and humidity very well. It didn't help that we're having our coldest winter in years. I had that drooping leaf problem; mine looked just like yours do.

    I had to make an emergency move into my basement, and my plants are happy happy.

  11. my temp right now is 84 so that is not an issue. u think my leaves are drooping? i thought so too....what to do what to do
  12. What are your lights-off temps? I think my drooping was due to a big swing, from around 80F during lights-on to mid-40s during lights off. Also, what's your humidity? I'm in a dry place, and finally got a humidifying system rigged, running at around 40%, and my plants look much better.

  13. the lights are on 24/7...i m vegging so the temps stay in the low 80s. when flowering comes i plan on getting a ceramic heater
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    day 15 purple wreck, stalk
    pre 98 bubba kush day 5....i dont know

  15. every day at least once
  16. Set up looks good...I'd recommend watering by lift up the pot and see how heavy it is :)
  17. no freakin batteries for the camera......shit

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