So... I converted someone today.

Discussion in 'General' started by deoxygenated, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. So today I was having a discussion with someone about cannabis. They did not agree with it being a medicine, number one reason being they though it caused cancer(lol).

    So after a couple of my friends tried to explain it to her, she still held strong to, "well a marijuana join has 10x more tar then cigs!" among other things.

    But I held strong and tried to explain everything I could to her, without being rude, about how marijuana actually fights cancer among other things.

    Needless to say, I've converted someone to actually believeing in cannabis as a medicine!

    See, you really can convert people who are strongly anti-cannabis with a little patience and knowledge dropping.:hello:
  2. wher do people get these stats from seriously there just ridiculous, its like they just randomly make them up on the spot!
    well done for convertin her, did u manage to get her to have a few tokes?
  3. Nice man, spread the knowledge!:smoke:

  4. It's just false propaganda from commercials.
  5. Job well done, usually the government/corporate media has the laymen extremely passionate about their brainwashing
  6. I went with the hubby to the Social Security office a couple days ago (they screwed up his payments, again). While I sat there I started talking to a gal. She had breast cancer and the operation had not gone well. Now she was already "California legal" for her chemo, but didn't know how cannabidiol (CBD) stops the growth and spread of breast cancer.

    So we had a very interesting chat, I told her to talk to a certain dispensary owner about high CBD cannabis (I got the dispensary owner going on breeding high CBD cannabis couple years ago). And I gave her the info she needed to find my List.

    We need to teach even those who do know about cannabis! They may not know the full story!

    Educate yourself, then educate others! :yay:

    We will win by educating one person at a time! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  7. Haha, that's awesome. Also, you actually helped alot :D, I showed them all of the links you have on cannabis being anti-cancer!

  8. I respect u so much, u don't even know. U have so much knowledge that it gives u clout. /respect
  9. exactly what i was thinking!
  10. Think on this, kids!

    Less than 8 years ago, there was no "Granny Storm Crow". :eek:

    I joined my first cannabis forum in January 2006. :smoke:

    Until 2007, there was no "Granny's List" to refer to when you needed medical studies. I posted the first 60 page List on July 30, 2007.

    My birthday gift to you.... - TreatingYourself.COM Online Community

    And here I am just 5 years later, changing the world! :eek:


    Granny :wave:
  11. That's just fan-fuckin-tastic!! I'm actually really surprised, because everyone who's anti-MJ just seems so hateful, and unwilling to see anything than what they already think they know. Glad to hear another soul is walking towards the light.

    Btw, they don't just make up this bs on their own, it get implanted in their brains through propaganda and D.A.R.E.
  12. Congrats on converting them, OP :hello:

    I'm still trying it on someone after about 7 months :eek:
  13. Ive got most of my family to realize them truth about weed... Feels good man.
  14. Congrats dude, I wish I could convert people but every time I try people always end up thinking I'm just some crazy, brainwashed pothead. I understand why Cannabis is a medicine but whenever I try to explain it it always comes out wrong, I guess I'm just not good with words :confused_2:
  15. That's the same with me hahaha, I have all these facts and figures in my head then it just comes out like, "People use it for...stuff. Durrrrrrr." Then they think they've had their point proven because I'm shit at remembering stuff on the spot :mad:
  16. Granny's changing the world, man. :smoke:
  17. Man if i had a nickle for everyone i converted....
    Could probably go buy a joint
  18. I am a bit busy today sending out my new List. It is going to England, Ireland, Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, and Uruguay... and I know I am forgetting a few!

    Want a copy? Take a look at the little version I have here at GC- just click that first link in my sig.

    Now imaging something TWICE as big! 840 pages of links! So instead of getting all flustered and tongue-tied, you just just print up whatever looks good to you, and hand it to them!

    No matter how stoned you are when the opportunity arises, "You really need to read this!" is easy to say! lol

  19. Nice man, hope you continue to educate people, might try this :smoke:
  20. Pretty sure the joint information is true BUT unlike the chemicals in Tobacco which paralyze the cilia and cause permanent damage..

    That after smoking marijuana your Cilia don't become permanently paralyzed your bodies able to remove the tar and what not

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